Surviving in University part 9

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Today I will write a bit about ... the canteen(s) in the university campus.

This university has international students.  They are going to be our spokemen once they returned to their mother lands.

In the canteen , it is good to serve many kinds of food examples

(i)  malaysian food - nasi lemak, nasi kerabu hitam, lontong, soto, gapo dio laghi hah
(ii)  indian / pakistani/ bangladeshi food
(iii) arab food
(iv) continental food
(v) many more please


The students are mostly hungry 24/7.  They wanted to eat at some specific times like 730 am for their breakfast;  1000 am for their tea-break;  1230 pm for lunch; 1600 pm for tea time and 2000 pm for their dinner.


In England, the faculties such as in THE UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM and UNIVERSITY OF LEEDS put a lot of effort to ensure the students can take some kind of food easily. Examples  0800 am ... sandwiches;  1000am hot chocolate and 1230 pm ..British lunch  and 1630 pm evening drinks

By doing so ..  the students can focus in their study all the time.
After 1700 hours ..they return to their hostels/ rentals .. and .. they can cook for themselves.


In this university, if I were a student .. i expect similar things to be provided
but i saw ..  in my faculty .. there is no place to drink hot coffee and enjoy nasi lemak quietly while playing with my gadgets.
So far we have to walk 10 - 15 minutes to the food court, you know ..
in Malaysia,  this country is notorious for rain, storms, lightning and ..  hot weather my friend.  If we are soaked in the rain, we can focus our lesson no more.  What good is G3 if we came into the lecture theater wet and 'running nose' all together?

OMG !  Why can't they place one simple cafeteria in each faculty?
Does it cost much to create that facility in a faculty?

We can save a lot of time walking up and down from one place to another just to  get a cup of coffee and a sandwich.  Burger me!

I can't understand this because .. I heard many staff  have studied abroad.
As a student representative, I want this facility badly.  Last year, I heard one Chinese girl got killed .. accident when she went out from the campus ..  just to find  her roti.

If there is a good place to eat here in the campus, that Chinese student can still walk and run in the campus, you?  Poor her and her mummy.

Please if there is anybody powerful there .. please listen to what we want to say...just
put one cafeteria please in each faculty.  Is that too hard?  I heard it is not economic to run a stall in the faculty. But ..  business is not the main thing here.  The university can think of subsidizing the stall operator(s).  It is our needs that really matter. In business the customer is the king and  there is a malay saying '..hendak seribu daya, tak nak seribu dalih'.  We had come from many parts of the world ..  is it too much for us to ask  ..   a cafeteria in each faculty please?  If we demand the university to provide us an internal rail system ..  then it is reasonable to turn our request down but ..we  just need a cafeteria.    It is so simple, man.

And one more thing..  can the cafeteria in the library ... be opened for longer hours for heaven sake?
We studied ..from morning to midnight .. of course as a human being we need something to eat and drink to rejuvenate ourselves.  In the previous convocations , many parties blamed that there were so few of us obtaining 1st class Honors degree.  The answer ..  we spent so much time ..  walking to and fro the faculty seek food and drinks.  We promise to do well in the coming years and of course the future convocation(s) if the university put a cafeteria in each faculty.  God Willing and God Smilingly!  He..he..

In the library we cannot eat and drink.
So where to go ..  tell me?

Some of us have to walk and burnt 100,000 calories walking from the library to the food court ..  some 1.5  km away and some of us take a car and drive elsewhere outside the campus just for the sake of getting a simple makan.  We wasted so much time for simple roti and drinks please. Oh my dear you, my son.  From our observation, the lecturers drive out from the campus too .. why?  You are right. They go out for makan too.  The difference between them and us ..poor students is ... they got cars ranging from Proton Exora to Merx E300 for makan.  But we as students ..  we used God sent legs and feet to seek makan.  Where got road man?

I think that is all ..  I want to say.   Selling ice cream is also ok because most students are aged 18 - 21 years old only.  Ice cream like Walls, Magnolia ,  ...  once it is eaten ..our eyes will be wide opened and insyaallah ... we can study well ..  promise.. 1st Class graduates in the making, you say ?

Till then ..  hope the ice cream man can come not only this Saturday 5th Oct 2013 but for more days to come. (laugh).

TQ.  No heart feeling to those who care.  Just telling you that makan item .. only.  We want to makan.  He..he..



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