Surviving in University Part 6

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Salam/ Salutations.

Mind you ..I am continuing my writings about my life in the universities .. I hope I can add some tips for you readers.

In the university, there are 3 things that we have to focus.  First quiz, second test and finally our final exam papers.  All these are directly linked to your own effort only.  The more you study and focus , God Willing, you will see bigger and bigger marks would be credited into your COURSEWORK account alone. Yes alone!  The rest like assignments and projects are closely related to group-work/ team work.  I will write about this group work later on.

To do well (the above 3 things)  it is advisable to attend all classes (theories and practicals) all along the semester.

Quiz is easier than Test1 and the tests are much easier than the exams.

In the quiz, the lecturer usually ask 1 or 2 questions.  Time duration about 10 minutes.
Examples of questions in the quiz are .. what are the parameters used in Binomial and  Poisson Distributions?

Are these statements correct .  Yes/ No

(a)  Binomial distribution is a discrete type of data distribution.  Name the parameters.
(b)  Normal distribution caters for continuous data  distribution.  Give an example of a data here.

Your answer is brief and the marking can be done in the class immediately after the questions was asked.  Simple?
But from my experience, if you did not read and prepare daily ..  you can get just '0' mark.

In the test, you have to prepare very well.  The questions are a bit tough .. quite similar to the real examination paper.  Please have a collection of past papers from your lecturer.  He should be able to provide you one so that you can check whether you are properly prepared for the coming test(s).  I used the past paper to guide my study preparation towards my final exams.

What I mean by preparing well is ..  you have to spend more than 5 hours , 10 hours like that per test.
Try and answer few questions from the Exam Past Papers.  If you can do them, I can assure that you can do in the real Test.  Congratulations!

Few of my students cannot answer the test questions at all.     Why? Some of them mentioned .. they lack preparation.  See? Surprisingly, some mentioned that they did not understand the english being used in the questions asked.

Finally we come to the main thing.  The Exam Paper.

In my university, the students start to sit for the finals at Week 13 , 14 of a semester.
Most papers take 2 hours and a half and some  3 hours.  Of course if you prepare well , you can answer the questions.  But if lack sleep and your health is always on the poor side .. I have the feeling that you cannot answer the exam papers.  Bad Luck, huh!

That is why it is important to take very good care of your self in the university.  Try to eat well, exercise a bit daily and mix with some of your friends.  THe university is built not for you only , you know?   He..he..

I found that many students spend little time sleeping.  They were busy with projects and assignments and report writings at the last minute(hour) b4 the final exams.  I am not so sure why is that so the trend I mean here?

is it because the lecturers give them last minute project?
is it because the lecturers give them last minute assignments?

If  that is the case, why RPP4?  lesson plan I mean.

In the lesson plan, the lecturer will explain the way the subject is going to be taught through out the semester.  He will pinpoint .. when the quiz, test and exams plus when he is supposed to give you the assignments etc etc.

If that is not so, you can see the Dean and complain.  Can't you?  or if it did not work, try and  seeing the Education Minister or
the PM.  why not?  (laugh)
If you do that..  I am sure every body will be dead serious with RPP4.  Try.  (laugh).  Once a upon a time my daughter attended Sunday classes from morning to evening. Why?  someone wanted to replace their missing classes.  Ajaib!  (forgive me).

So far .. if I can remember things well, I gave my students ample time to complete their maths and stats project.
What surprise me .. was .. most of the reports were pushed into my room through the tiniest gap at the foot of the door at the 'due date' ..  in such a way that ..  every things looks so rushing.  Right?

I think it is you that were to be blamed.

I think that is all for today.  The clouds looked so dull outside ..perhaps it is going to rain soon.  Till then , take care and stay focus to your study please.

Dr S


  1. Ummul said...

    Dear, Dr. S.

    'In the university, there are 3 things that we have to focus. First quiz, second test and finally our final exam papers.'

    Shall we include number 4; Assignments and taks?

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