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Saya menulis lagi pasal Ph.D. dan PSM (projek sarjana muda;  final year project degree )

+Kali ini topik kecil ialah Research Diary.  Why you need one?
The reasons are as below:

(i)  you put down your name, SV1, SV2, SV3 dan tarikh mula daftar student PhD dalam diary tersebut dan when flyingg home for good.  Expected date finishing the study?

(ii) janji pada diri sendiri sebelum tidur .. check this diary dan tengoklah perkembangan PhD anda ini.  Ada bagus tak?

(iii)  by Research Diary ..  you plan many small steps ..  daily, weekly, monthly, semesterly , yearly.

By research diary may put small success stories, failures and anxieties (if any).

(iv)  double check your research diary with your Gantt Chart.  Is the planning work well and in order so far?

(v) I used Research Diary to plan ..who to contact, appointments, what books to buy, what journals i am reading so far and ..  so what?  prepare what to ask my SV1

(vi)  by doing so .. insyallah (GOD WILLING) .. you will see many things are gonna put in place.


Now I elaborate a bit more on the above lines. Why oh why?

Anxieties:  why the mathematical proof doesn't work?  why the computer  program doesn't work and many more.  What is a grounded theory in social science / interview/ themes to pick up //  Why that shape of a graph!  Gilor youuuuu....

why is my paper not accepted by WSEAS in Italy 2014? why USM maths scientific journal rejected your work 3 days after you submitted?  is it because of the discussion, conclusion and recommendation parts.   What will happen if those papers are rejected outright/ will you die today?

Failures:  the computer program just doesn't work.  It runs for ever and ever .. 2013 ..becomes 2014 and ..soon 2015 comes .. the loop never stop. what a HACK ?    You failed to understand what your SV1 meant just now/  poor communication skill/ your body language so poor/  your presentation was hopeless ..  it doesn't bring any outcome you had expected few weeks ago.  SV1 was angry at your progress.  Matilah you.. mati .. 4 letter word.  M A T I.  Why you hate your SV1? why his perut so buncit makan cepatikah dia?
You hated him because he spoke with a scottish accent.  Blind me .. I can't figure out what he meant.  why you went to Aberdeen University ..when ..  Southampton .. would just be fine.  Padan mu you.  Keno kecek scottish ..  rod stewart punya lagu ..  I am sailing (you tube plz).

SUCCESS:  you manage to meet your main SV1 after all this while.  S/he was happy with the first 3 chapters of the thesis.  He expect more analysis from that day onwards.  Chapter 4 results. Chapter 5 analysis / chapter 6 .. discussion and the rest.    Bravo!  you should celebrate ..go to Marks and Spencer and buy something nice for yourself plz.  What to buy huh?

Your computer program finally work.  The output was what was expected by your SV1 and SV2 and USM Penang ..  of course it is your life my dear.  Bravo!

In PhD journey is good to control your temper.  Don't jump anywhere.  If you are just jumping from the 1st floor ..i think that is fine.  Cabut butir gomok kepala lutut jah.  Call the ambulance.

If it is 19th floor .. please don't jump/  It is not worth committing suicide.  You deserve to fail young man.  Just say that 1,000,000 times ..pack up your things and come home straight from London, you say? Just drive a taxi.  Yes your dad's taxi.  Never kill yourself.  You just failed Ph.D.  you still have many things in the blue bag ..  your masters/ degree/ stpm/ spm/  pmr/ upsr/  tadika picture a convocation .. u looked so bright many many years ago young man. Now blind me .. you are a taxi driver!



You are the only one who is going to read this diary. Not your wife/ not your dad / not your mum.  Never never .. inside the diary you can draw and write any thing that you like.

By writing down your anger ..on the paper .. soon ..  your temper will cool down a bit, a bit and soon you manage to smile again.  By writing in the diary .. you control yourself a lot.

I have 2 research diaries. One was BLUE and the other one GREEN.

The blue one has all the 'penipu' stories.  How I cheated myself with 'death' and ..  (ha..ha..)

The Green one . .. I put all my sucess stories.  Hijau means syurga .. parti PAS. (ha..ha..) warna syurga .. mu gi doh kor?  mana aku tahu/  mu tulih benda benda gitulah ..

When I sat at the window .. on the train ..British Rail ..  from Birmingham to London and Birmingham again ..  I always read my research diaries.  I smile at my self ..  sometimes I laugh a lot ... soon a British lady came .. you are alright dear?

My answer:  Yes I am , Madame/
British Lady:  Are you sure my love?
My answer:  Sure I am madame .. I just laugh ..  at myself.  My writing I mean.
British Lady:  You need anything young man?
My answer:  There are so many things I wanted ..I just need PhD.  it will suffice me madame/  O Lord ..grant me PhD on this British Rail ..  ha..ha..

after some more talking between anak jati kelate and a middle age British Lady ..

Soon ..  both of us ..laugh laugh and ..  KINGS CROSS Ladies and Gentleman.  Mind your steps please.

That's the way I managed myself in this critical year building up my FYP, PSM atau Ph.D.

We are the only one who knows our progress right?  Not our wife and not our children.
I have my children ... and b4 I sleep .. I popped into their rooms ..  their sleeping faces .. near the internal heater - that  will fireup my stamina to work harder and insyalalh ..  i will be successful my dear.  Your dad with his Ph.D.

God Willing .. you can do it too.  Just buy a good research diary.  100 pages will do/  inside there all your stories.  The questions you are going to ask your SV1 and SV2.  Your expected answers from them/ what , where will I go after here Prof?

Don't worry. Be happy.  (there is a song , you know). Be happy ..don't worry.  PhD tak siap lagi. Tiga tahun dah hangus  ..  kerajaan BN dah mulor nak panggil aku dan book ticket London to KL .. mu wak tok reti jah .. ha..ha..

Semua jadi sejarah ..  aghhh.. just don't worry .. you will be happy a.. a taxi driver airport to KB down town.  Educated taxi driver!  You?


Smile .. my readers.  This is the sorts of writing in my research diary.  I let you see .. just for an example. How I manage my life doing post graduate study ..once upon a time.

We tried so hard ..soon .. that thing will be in our hands.  God Willing.

Good Luck then.

Walalhu aklam bis sawabbbb.  ( GOD knows the best..)


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