Surviving in University Part 8

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Salam/ salutations

Now we discuss about the Library.

In the university , the library is the main center of attractions.  In my university, the library has more than 500,000 books excluding e-books, journals etc etc.

I think the students nowadays are very fortunate to have so many facilities at their disposal.  At this IT age, everything is at their finger tips.

So what now?

Step 1:  go to the library
Step 2:  plan what to do in the library.  Is it to study / discuss with your friends / makan makan ?
Step 3:  let us say you are there to study in the library.  Very Good.
Step 4:  open your lecture notes and start reading.  Anything want to add?  find any books that will demonstrate more examples about any particular topic?  Find them.

Step 5:  any journal you want to see?
Step 6:  how long have you being reading?  10 minutes ?  oh no/  you cannot exit yet.
else if 3 hours .. then exit .. to the library's canteen
Step 7:  after makan makan (break) , go back to your desk in the library
Step 8:  keep on reading.  Do the exercises/ assignments.  Do it yourselves.  Anything difficult?  If yes ..  wait.  Wait. refer to the library .. there are so many books there.  Use the number system to find relevant books to help you in your study.
Step 9:  any success?
Step 10 : how long in the library ?  7 hours ?  OK you can go home now.  Go back to your hostel?


In the library it is good to read.  So talk less with your friends.  I hate listening to many types of talking , joking, making fun of others in such a way that .. it is so noisy to ..  focus on our books.
If it is so noisy, there is no point studying in the libary. You can refer to the librarian in charge to control the noise.

If you want to discuss on your assignments, I recommend you to go to a special room in the library to meet your friends and do the discussion there.  Restrict your discussion to the books only.  Hope it is going to be a fruitful one.  Don't discuss about politics , Sunnah , Syiah ..  the governmnet have paid somebody else to do that.  You are here in the university to study well and get a very good degree.  It will help your own family in Kelantan, Lagos (Nigeria) or Duha (Qatar).

When I was young , I spent a lot of time in the library.  I read my books and sometimes if  I am bored ..I read the TIMES, NEWSWEEK magazines.  If I find anything interesting ..  I zerox them. So buy a RM10 library card to photostat some parts from the magazines etc. etc.

Now the library has ASTRO / paid TV.  We can sit quietly in one corner and watch Animal Planet from the ASTRO.  Sometimes we can watch National Geography.  Good , huh?

We must improve our English.  If you got MUET Band 2 and 1 is better to think seriously about this.  You must improve your command in English. Talk with your friends in English.

Try some questions like this:

(i) have you done your assignmnt Ah Meng?
(ii)  is it possible if I see your work Ah Meng?
just to refer ...  i mean (he..he..).  this is to break the ice .. talking with your friends.

Say TQ for their nice  favour.
By asking , saying thank you ..  one day your communication skill will be improve.  If you know your friend is handicapped in english ..  then it is not so wise to be with her 24/7.

The decision is yours.  In the library, you can talk with the librarians in english.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I am sure the university has offered them the jobs based on their english command.


Some people ..  they download so many things from the journals.
By doing so , they feel so nice.
But in reality .. they are fooled in the sense that ..

those down loaded materials must be read, referred and discuss.  Apply what you read to your assignment given by your lecturers.  Then .. the time with the internet said to be a productive one.


don't let your notebook , calculators, hand-phones  not attended for a long interval  else they will be taken away by some unknown people.  Please be careful.

if you lost something ..  there is no chance to get it back because the thiefs are getting smarter than the librarians/ police/ PDRM/ PRDM know?  prdm= polis raja di malaya (laugh)

I think that is all for today.  Hope you get all the benefits from the library everyday, every week and all the times.  You know.. your parents have high hope on you.  Don't let them down please.

All the best.

Dr S.


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