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Permintaan ramai pasal matrix table. Ini saya kirimkan sekadar bersamsung tablet jer dari kings hotel, melaka.

Bismillah hi rah manir raheem. Salawat dan salam kat bsginda Nabi kita dulu Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. Plz.

get a piece of paper.
draw a table with 5 columns atau 5 lajurnya.
Target group:  PhD and Masters' students.

column 1 title.
objectives of your research. Write down.

column 2 title.
research questions.
Tulislah rq1, rq2 , rq3 dan seterusnya.

column 3 title.
methodology used to answer each of the rq.

column 4 title
findings from each mrthod employed.
tulislah hasil experiment itu secara saintifik.

column 5 title
contribution to the body of knowledge



This jadual is good to be used when you are writing your last chapter of your thesis/ or if you are about to begin to a research journey. Good luck ok?.

from observations, few of my friends could not write the last column convincingly.

You can't write that down in 1 day. It has to be based on a collection of writings from year 2 to year 3 proceeding and journal papers that you had done be4.

the writing has to be analzed, criticised and reflectrd on many readings that you had managed to cover ever since u started your phd journey.

it is wise to let your close friends to read from time to time. Judt listen to their comments and try and answer if you can. One of the readers must be your first supervisor. If you dare lah. Have a good relationship with your sv. Don't be surprise she/he sometimes rewrite the contribution from his understanding of your research, findngs and  paper writings.

i wrote a book. The last chapter has this contribution. 7 pages long ingat phd level, the external examiners and the world wants to see this, my dear.


long long time ago, few of my friends cried openly/ quietly. Why? The answer is they cannot write this part well.

My book is sold rm40 in peninsular malaysia plus postage of course. Don't worry i wont be a millionaire by selling a copy. (Laugh)

I recommend them to my overseas student to read and study the structure of the book. I used that book to review their thesis and alhamdulillah so far by taking my advise , they have flown home and has become somebody. Insyallah, alhamdulilah and masya allah.

i enjoy sharing my little knowledge gathered all this while while studying abroad, paper presentations in good conferences and .. so the tag is .. tuan/puan bila lagi?

b4 i joined my wife sleeping, i wanted to say this .. if you work hard, work smart and good at making friends with many people around you and of course some prayers in the dead of the nights, i am sure allah will give you phd/masters and many more coming. Just ask.

sharing is an art from a nice piece of heart.
It is not heavy in terms of kilograms   but bbelieve me .. it has the depth much deeper than the pacific ocean plus all the other oceans in this world. Why? When i pray i always mention the name of my friends regardless of race, religion and colour. We r the creation of allah.

write with your heart. Then the writings will transcend to the deepest part of the water.

allah hu akbar.

wallahu aklam bis sawwabb.
p/s  maaf dipinta. U can do it lah. Ameen.


  1. Hafizah Yusof said...

    Thank you prof for your kindly advice.

  2. akma darina said...

    how can i get your book?

  3. sazali said...

    Adik. Salam. My email sazalis1910@gmail.com
    Put your address here. Tq

  4. pjoe said...

    Salam prof. Boleh saya dapatkan buku prof. Email saya fasyasm@yahoo.com. terima kasih

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