What I feared most can be something REWARDING

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Never believe my eyes last night my blog got more than  8000 hits.  Masya allah!  One of the readers was my   ex-students in a secondary school  SM Kota Kota Bharu, Kelantan and th eother one is the son in law of my closest friend an Assistant Principla.  Welcome to myblog  my dear!

Did you believe your teacher can write all these after all ?  ha..ha..

Insyallah..  i am writing these based on my experience doing GCE "A" Levels, degree, masters.... and PhD some time ago. Alhamdulilah ..every task was completed successfully with the hidayah and taufiq from the Al Mighty Allah the most beneficence and the most for givings.  Alhamdulilah!

2)  I went to WSEAS International Conference in Corfu Island in 2005.  I went as a presenter for a paper about maths, discrete maths and data mining.  Replication Model it was.The first author was Prof Mustaffa Mat Deris ... and I came the last.  But mind you, I was the presenter that day for the paper.  Before reaching Corfu Island, Greece .. I read 25 times the paper .. again and again ..in fact I remembered the paper line after line especially the mathematics involved..  why?  keep reading please.

3)  This was what I saw:

3.1  many asean researchers read their power point line after line , slide after slide on the stage.  Feeling butterflies in their tummies and
3.2 I think in their heart . ..  i think they were praying silently .. Oh god ..please no question after this my LORD

There were more than  100 observers in the main planetary hall, first day .  The Main Hall.


I was among the frontseaters.  I didn't think .. much about all those presentations until in the cloud on the way back from Rome to Kuala Lumpur .. my mind was wondering ..what the hell my friends were doing there

they went with a lot of money .. being spent    and they wasted their chances to .. look direct to the audience and explain their PhD work.  They paid exorbitant fee just to read from their own slides?  They can do it in their bedroom really?  why come here .. for GOD sake!


If we can explain their research  to 100 observers/ professors/  ... reviewers

I am sure .. they can came back most confidently in writing their thesis ..  and then writing few more books about their findings.

------  but Alas .. they missed that golden  chance by reading their slides .. and speaking to the wall ..  and blind me .. their government  spent so much money respectively.


In 2006 , I returned to WSEAS International Conference but this time it was in Tenerrife Island, Spain ..

and now   I presented my own paper.  My name as the first writer .. Why?

4)  I presented a course ware ..  with its CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK and THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK intact inside the power point slides
but ..this time I talked to the audience with my head ...and eyes .. looking at the audiences.  I did not read the slides to them because I am sure .. they are too smart with their reading skills.  He..he..

In that 1 hour session ,  there was supposed to be 3 different presenters ..  one from Iran, one from Canada ..and in between .. it was a simple and humble  me.   He..he,...

You know what .. .. in that one tragic hour ..  the other 2 presenters dissappear /  "aghh I think they went touring to many parts of the island in Spain .. sun bathers .. how beautiful the islands were ..  so beautiful sky and dark shining ocean from the Mediterranean sky..  Oh My God ...

so .. at the end .. that 1 hour ..  belongs to me.  And blind me .. there were more than 50 audiences fit and strong.

So here I go .. presenting my INTRO,  SPECTRUM OF ISSUES building up to my PhD research ..  and METHODOLOGY ..  and few simple findings.

and  .. after 15 minutes presentations ..  I got question after question from the floor.

First a Canadian Professor on maths
Next Norwegian Professor on multimedia learning
.. and Singaporean lecturer ... and many more after that  .. and I lost the counting.

We started at 1100 am

and I came out alive .. at 1215 pm.  I checked my legs, my arms ..all intact!  Ha..ha..  My God .. what a  time I was answering those  many questions ..  in Tenerrife Island, Spain.


The point I was trying to drive to my dear readers  is ..

4.1  you should use that time  to be asked by experts about your research. As many as possible, ( put your recorder ON)

WSEAS International Conferences ..  have very focused topics, reviewers and many more. If you can survive those questions that came from many directions,  .. you can say to your self ..60% of your methodology is proven sound and OK

4.2  you should try to answer the best that you know about your research, of course, with some degree of confidence  and

4.3  you should try to see .. among so many interested parties .. who can be your prospective international  adviser (s) .. after this presentation.


Lastly,    at the end of the presentation .. I got Associate Prof Dr Mamadoue from Montreal, Canada ..

to assist me in my pre PHD viva presentation few years after that . I asked him to review my slides 50 hours before I stood in front of UTM Professor, UMS Professor and UTHM Professor in Mid Oct 2009.

and the rest after that day .. is now a history.


5.  I wrote a book  and the university gave me some cash along the way publishing my work (in narrative form).


I hope my readers can use the above stories .. as their coming strateg(ies) in the days to come towards their successful PhD and ..many many more .. be what you want to be .. insyallah.

Wallahu huaklam.. bis sawabbbb.  (GOD KNOWS BEST!)


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