The word 'SCOPE' ..what the hell is this?

Posted by sazali


By scope i mean the range of phenomena covered by the theory.  a theory of equations is not impressive if it deals only with linear equations .  Likewise , a theory of teaching is nothing if it covers only straight lectures!


We  gladly used statistics to show something is significantly different.  nothing  more can be said.  it must show it has some significance at the end of the road.  Nothing more and nothing less. but in experimental and control groups how can we catch the significant if in schools each cohort of students come with different abilities.  Try first year degree ict faculty. we have a wide range of students ..from polytechnic MOE students to STPM students who sat for many combination of courses like pure sciences and mixed between arts and mathematics.  How on earth can we precisely define the significant characteristics of the students attributes that attach some possible likelihood towards  the outcome ..  that finally lead me to write this method of experiments produced 'significant' difference ?

I don't know the answer . if i knew all the answers , i have put all my pens down.  the end of the examination.  well..   I am writing some vague meaning with statistics in education research.  That's all.  Please help me.

Thank you.


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