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Salam/ Salutataions.

Hi.  You ok love?

What is education? Someone said '.. as long as you can read, write and speak intelligently on certain issues ...then you can say to yourself you got a sort of education..'.  In the Holy Quraan, God himself gives us titles while walking on the surface of this earth based on what level of education we had subscribed to ourselves ever since.   The gist of one traditions from  the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) ' if you want dunia(the world) , get some knowledge, if you want akhirat(heaven) , get some education and if you want both worlds.. go and get the education'.     Better still go abroad in seeking knowledge  even to China.  O yes , I went to England .  He..he..

What is educated then (FGS)?

With my own children, at the dinner hall, I always brag .. I am a British educated/ British trained man.  What a claim!  he.he..  it means .. you think mostly like a British .. in some ways of your life. Why ?  because I enjoyed watching England playing with South American football teams like Argentina and Brazil and got beaten by 'banana kicks'/ indirect kicks  from Roberto Carlos or Leoni Messi.  He..he..  but to be honest I enjoyed Golden Banks and Ray Clemence of England in the World Cups 1966 and 1980's.  They played against Pele in 1970 and Renaldo, 1982.

So what is 'highly educated' means?

In layman's understanding, if you got Ph.D from abroad .. then you are considered as a highly educated man.  Period!  Why?  Well, your brain has been examined by Golden Professors in your discipline.  Great ?

But from 'Rich Man, Poor Man's ' book ..  highly educated means ..  you are living from a passive income like rented properties, palm oil estates etc etc .. where you didn't go to work physically ..but there is some steady income coming into your pockets periodically. this sounds Great,  isn't it?  From the history of man, many of us believe in hard work.  We enjoy working from the morning and going home in the late evening.  There is a reputation here at stake ,  your wives speak well of you with their relatives because you are working so hard day in and day out.  After 30 days, we got an income say RM10,000 (active income)  but alas ,  we hurt our bodies silently in getting that RM.  Why?  Daily, we eat mamak food, teh tarik, roti canai ,  nasi lemak , and one day ..  the doctors say are dying my highly educated young man got 4th stage throat cancer. Hush!  that is not smart then even though every body is saying you are so well educated.

Think about that ..will you?

Thank you.


Chad Hanson (2013).  The Art of Becoming Yourself.  Academe.  Jan - Feb 2013.  pp 15- 18.


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