It smells awful with the prawn business

Posted by sazali

Salam Being so busy with .. At present, many of our friends and colleagues admitted they are too busy with 1001 types of jobs (activities). If we met them at the mamak shops , we can ask the following questions and let us listen to their excuses. (i) I had being calling you for so many times lately, how come you never pick up the phone? The answer is ‘.. sorry I am so busy with .. my PSM , FYP projects, my home, my children, my books, my thai lady etc etc’ (ii) I had sent you so many SMS , how come I did not get any response .. are you Ok mate? The answer is ‘.. I am so sorry dear .. so busy so many things .. my car break down, my daughter getting married to a Nigerian , and .. bla bla… ‘ (iii) How come you are so quiet nowadays Jali .. are you busy with that Vietnamese lady again…? No lah .. I am so busy with my own families, my farms, my properties I bought in London and Perth. So sorry dear .. what can I do ? The summary is most of us are so much occupied with our own world. We managed to cook up so many excuses for not fulfilling our friends’ request and invitations etc etc. In short we don’t bother much what the outside world is demanding from us. Our attitude started to change to the other side of the coin ..if the calling comes from somebody so high up in our eyes example The Prime Minister. If it is not the prime minister himself, we are very much oblige to do our best if the request comes from the members of the PM himself in fact I have seen so many officers in JPNK , PSPN, schools and polytechnic MOE who acted stupidly buying expensive flowers, pots and what not for the member of the PM’s home. Why is this so? Because we believe that .. by acting that way ..many good things will come our way in future. Example getting good favors from the PM himself one day. What are the favors old man? It may come in terms of .. good chance to send our ‘8A and 1C’ children to MRSM, SBP, universities and scholarships pursuing the study program abroad etc etc. Or the best is .. getting good job in Putrajaya because of that small action we did to a 10 year daughter of the PM. If we were to ask .. why are you not picking up the phone .. the answer in short is that PM daughter is more important than all of you. Period! In the Holy Quraan , Allah asks us muslims to do things sincerely (ikhlas). But man is very forgetful most of the times. Man will remember God when they are facing some difficulties such as .. experiencing hard time in the labor’s room ( expecting the first boy .. the head is just 30% exiting from the mum’s womb while the rest of the body is solidly inside ), experiencing hard time in business , studies etc etc. Then man will remember their LORD called ALLAH. Allah is so kind, merciful and benevolent. He forgives us in all our short comings except SYIRIK (hypocrisy). One of the hypocrite act was ..we do things to get the appreciation from our direct BOSS daily all the time. The training we underwent ever since we were young is to give good act for show, glamour and the rest ( you count them , you get them mate all laid) . We must take care of the good name of our organization. We did that and we did all this ..because there is ‘ada udang di sebalik batu’. In Malay it means .. we did most of our duties . .. in the hope that somebody will reward us handsomely with our needs in future just because of our full obedience to our PRIME MINISTER. We can change the title of the piece of land (tanah bukit , tanah gunung in Gua Musang ) easily at the district office. Once we can do that ..we can be rich even though we secured SPM/ MCE/ GCE “O”levels Grade 3 under our belt. See? In the Quraan there are many stories about this kind of commitments. And as a wise citizen of Malaysia, we can see so many of these actions being shown to us daily day and night regardless of the black skies and the coming tsunami just beyond our skyline ( horizon). If not, why did Tun Mahathir cry on stage in PWTC .. blaming that our country is laden with RASUAH. He failed in the mission of eradicating corruption from all sizes and forms .. To Allah I pray .. may HE forgives me ..for all my previous actions that was done for prawns and horrible smell. Ameen. How about you my respected readers? Is the above prawn type of stories true and very true indeed ? He..he.. Wallahu aklam bis sawab. God knows everything including that ‘.. many kinds of udang’.


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