the aim of writing a book

Posted by sazali


If some body were to ask me why  i am writing a book .. then my answers could be as follows:

(i)  to share my knowledge with the rest of the world
(ii) to show I know something called mathematics, statistics and english . and by putting them altogether as a book is the greatest joy I could ever have as a living soul next after my Ph.D convocation and lastly
(iii)  if  Tun Mahathir can write, if Shukur Omar can write about Malay dilemma ..  in business , politics, entrepreneurships  .. I can also add something called .. why we Malays are quite weak in mathematics trangressing from primary schools to the university levels ?  He..he..

I think that is all about . why I want to write a book before I say good bye to the whole wide world.  Am I wrong doing that my readers?  Imagine the 'thawab' i can get if some people from Nigeria, Tanzania, Algeria, Spain, Greece, Mongolia, Malaysia and Indonesia used some of my knowledge towards their good livings .. etc etc .. only God knows where I will become .. the 'pahala  making' is on the way.  Insyallah.


Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.    God knows best after this.


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