Hari ini Khamis bukan?

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Khamis ..malam ini Jumaat .. esok last day of the working week.  Then we have 2 days Sat and Sunday.  In Malaysia, there are wedding ceremonies etc etc.

Now I am fasting (optional) for the 4th day ..god willing.  My target this 3 days I must complete the set of 6 days of optional fasting.  According to Rasulullah (Prophet peace be upon HIM) if we did Ramadhan i.e., fasting for 30 days and followed by 6 more optional fasting days .. Allah takes you as if you have fasted for the whole year.  Allah hu Akbar!

But it is not easy to do that once ..  you are .. well known in the village.  Please read the first paragraph again.  He..he..

2)  Next week my students will return to the campus.  As staff, we have to prepare well and greet them well with so many things.  That is what I am doing at the moment.  I try to prepare the best that I can.  Usually, I will start the lessons with the teaching plan.  Then the recommended books in the library and the final paper from the last year.  At least the students will know the scope we are going through through out the semester.

3)  If there is a lab session, I will enter the lab even in the first week.  This surprises many students because ..  normally some lecturers skip theirs in the pretext that ..  the formal lecture has not started yet.  Well, that is me.  The other lecturers may be right but in mathematics and statistics .. there is always something to learn , if they are called a student.  Please enter the lab.  That is what I told them sharp and precise.  Some students are not prepared to learn. I know that by the way they behave, their faces and many more.

If they are prepared , they come with a smile.  Most faces that I got were ..  he..he.. other kind of adjectives other than sweet smiles that greeted me.  He..he..

By the way after an hour or so, they started to function a bit better and appropriately.

So my instruction follows from there.  I tried my best to imitate my masters from England how they went with their instructions week in and week out.  Yes. it was right, i teach quite fast and I always joke my students .. if you want me to go slowly .. wait until I am 60 + please.


4) My complaint was .. sometimes the machines in the lab are not functioning very well.  If I want SPSS ..  there isn't any SPSS yet being installed.  I just wonder why because .. every lab has their person in charge.  Then if that happens, I got to do some talking .... then .. about defining some terminologies in SPSS software.

then .. from experience .. if I want them to prove something .. i give them some numbers.. and ask them to find the average,  variance and standard deviation  .. using calculators.

Surprise, surprise , surprise some of them did no bring any calculators.  See? That is why I told them ..you are not well prepared for the lessons.

In this country ..  you have to use  two languages to teach.  English and Malaysian Language. This is to ensure they understand what you meant from time to time.  Sometimes I use SPSS language to explain ..  so in reality ..you have to use 3 languages in order to teach statistics.  Please read my writings .. Google.  JET Journal Engineering and Technology June 2013  Sazali  <enter>  by doing so ..  my students can get some glimpse .. what is meant by technical report in the coming weeks.

I tried hard to stay a bit longer in the computer laboratory  ..but looking at the tired and sleepy faces .. we dismiss the class quite early and you know what .. many of them will toe up in the cafeteria few minutes after that.  He..he..  i prefer to drink in the other side of the cafeteria away from the students.

Mamak . one hot coffee please!

That is the order of my day.




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