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As teachers , we had gone that path called 'education cycle' from age 7 to 23 in Malaysia/ UK.

We are forced to read books .. most of them were put as pictures .. Ali, Ah Kow and Kumari.  That was a very good introduction to the malaysian composition of the population.  We learnt we have to get along well with the other races regardless of their race, culture and religious values.

After some reading picture books we were next introduced to ice cream sticks, rubber seeds and pebbles in the world of mathematics education.  We write more and thinking happen when we committed many silly mistakes at counting things.

Soon with the patience of our beloved teachers and university lecturers .. we went up the convocation stage to prove to the whole world we had learnt some trade called engineering , accounting and many more.  We are what we are based on our interest and strong commitments in practical work and multitype assignments and presentations well documented as thesis.

Now when the sun starts to set , I sit down quietly in my university library overlooking the never ending horizon of hectares of palm oil tress reflecting at the many golden opportunities the malaysia government has bestowed upon many good malay students.  I left Malaysia at the age of 17 plus and returned with few degrees and 2 made in UK babies.  Most importantly , I began to see things differently from what common preachers  in the masjid or tazkirah in Kelantan and many parts of the world.  One of which is -  What I want to say sincerely , deep from the core of my heart , is '.. thank you Malaysia'.  I am fortunate to be a citizen of this country well blessed with all sorts of natural resources like petroleum, gold, rubber, coconuts, fishes , buffaloes , .. and most importantly our government has controlled us well in spite of three big races i.e., malays, chinese and indians.  O yes , i enjoyed my adulthood playing soccer with the late Nordin Ramli ( ex-international soccer player Burley Cup in 1973 ) and   discussing many subjects  with my most wonderful  friends Lee Chong Seong,  Ho Tok Lee , Prof Dr Shamsuddin Amin , Prof Dato' Dr Alias Daud , Ir Azman Ahmad in Tengku Mahmud School, Besut, Terengganu  once upon a time.  He.he..

thank you my friends.  In England , I played 5 - a- side football with Mike Jackson (Grantham, Lincs) and many Iranian and Iraqi students in Leeds. Somebody said if  can play with the arabs, I must realize that I can really play with the football at my feet with George Best (MU), Pele (Brazil) and Maradona (Argentina) my idols.   Not forgetting my time on the field cross country race with my brother-in-law Dato' Mukhlis Jaafar (KPP, JPP, KPM) against Ron Hill (British Olympic marathon runner) and of course my Pakistani brothers like Asif Jawid , Finsbury Park, London,  Shamsi Bai in Dewsbury, Yorkshire and Mukib sab in Aldgate East, London. In Tenerife Island, Spain 2006 , WSEAS conference I met Associate Prof Dr Mamadoa Kone T.  from Canada upon whom  I sent my power point slides before i entered for Viva PhD processes etc etc in 2009.

With that .. I would like to express my thousand thanks to the Malaysia government who was very kind enough to give me teaching jobs at schools, polytechnic and MTUN university.  And not forgetting my parents who struggled hard in upbringing my best potential in mathematics algebra and calculus.  Alhamdulilah syukur nikmat.  It means in malay ..  something like this .. how wonderful the life really is , thanks Allah.


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