What our neighbours say about jobs etc

Posted by sazali

Salam Just now I read a survey about jobs expectation/ satisfaction among Singaporeans aged 20s - 60s. They are as follows: (i) the 50s + did'nt want to venture any where any more. They are contented with their lives already. (ii) the 20s + wanted to venture abroad to get some experience and hoarding more money to start their own businesses one day (iii) the 30 - 40 + trying to settle down with their young families and they tend to respecting more of their bosses (iv) they worried more with the immigrant workers from India and China especially the I.T workers. The immigrants are willing to earn less monthly and working longer hours. He..he.. My humble comments: a) I think that is common when you reach a certain age , your old brain will tell you quietly - money is not everything any more. You put more priorities on job satisfaction which is bound to happen if you work closer to your own families. b) the immigrants are willing to do many things .. because it is not easy to land in Singapore and Malaysia and getting a job(s)at the same time. By working, they can send some money home to their families. Don't be surprise, they are making their houses in India , Bangladesh and Indonesia while working at the petrol stations for 10 years let us say. He..he.. c) as a senior citizen, we are importing many things as well. Dirty life styles and from that population of immigrants, there are professional killers. Just look at our daily papers for the last 2 months. They killed our politicians, managers, teachers, engineers, husbands and wives. If the guns are so difficult to carry, they drop few bombs instead. That is the price for being so nice a Malaysia/ Singapore. O yes I forgot .. there are so many 'prostitutes' now. And of course HIV/ AIDS and .. finally this will come into our own bedrooms too directly or indirectly at the end of the cycle. OMG! why is the government doing all these to us? Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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