The word 'don't worry .. is it for us or for them really?

Posted by sazali


If my students come to see me .. at the end of our discussion ..I would most probably use this word ' Don't worry so much about that ...'

What do I  mean really?

It could mean :

(i)  don't worry
(ii) let somebody worry about that .. because they are paid for that .. He..he..
(iii) motivation purposes so that the student carry on with the task and see me next time as time permits
(iv)  many other reasons ..  not going to expose here.


If you do not say that magic words .. most probably you are going to bring home the task and start worrying so much.  many people lost their sleep thinking about the students' problem in the hostel, futsal and many more.  In fact his brain is like the sponge which absorb all sorts of dirt coming down the stream. FYI, the government is not paying me so much to worry all the problems in this world such as political issues between chinese, malays, indians and non-bumiputras.  If I start to worry so much ..then I should be the First Gentleman of this country.  Really?  What would RM say about that? (laugh).

He..he..  thinking about that .. it is better to sleep quietly in my room.  Moreover there is nobody  at the moment in my faculty.  


I plan to write more for my 2 coming books but .. first come first .. I am so tired doing 'nothing' really.

Have you met unemployed graduate .. as he has been put idle by the system ..try and ask him why is he looking so tired?  The answer is .. so tired of doing nothing really. Similar is my case.

Better pen off now and see you later.

God bless us all.  Ameen.


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