Why do we write references bibliography etc ?

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We write references in our writings (Ph.D; masters etc etc) because we want to let the readers know that we are using something to support our ideas, constructions of a course ware, opinions, arguments and suggestions.

All along we would like our readers to have some confidence that the thesis we are producing are based on some theories, findings etc etc.

Without references, our writings become something more suitable for the  lay man's readings (newspapers , magazines ) which are considered non-academic.

2)  FYI, our thesis is going to be examined by the external examiners that the university has appointed before your  VIVA.

3)  Guidelines of writing this include :

3.1  make sure there are theories and they are relevant to your study
3.2  make sure the references are not too old .  It is advisable to use 5 - 6 year old work before we start our work.  Say 2007, 2008 findings look very appropriate for some thesis that are constructed in 2013
3.3  make sure you follow the guideline  of your university ' HOW TO WRITE REFERENCES and THESIS'
3.4  write carefully.  It reflects your commitment and intelligence and
3.5  if there are authors who had published more than 2 journals , use    Samsung, 2010a  and Samsung, 2010b

use the alphabets  'a'  and 'b' carefully.

Then the readers will know which is which.

I think that is all for now.  Happy Writing then.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.


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