Writing you must

Posted by sazali

Salam I try to write a bit a day. Why? There are a few reasons to that. Firstly, by writing, we are practising the art of structuring our ideas and deliver them to the audience. If you are doing your post graduate, I think writing something a day would help you in producing a good thesis .. worth for your masters and Ph.D. By writing, you propose your ideas and why? By writing , you criticize some work. Why? I am sure you can defend your criticism with something as a supporting evidence. By doing that, you are exposing your strength and weaknesses to the public but I think it is what you intend to be one day after your studies. You must show you got the scholarship. He..he.. Secondly, by writing you are practising a language called English in this case. Without serious writings , I do not see how one can produce a 100 - 200 page thesis in English. All this can materialize if you produce conference papers etc etc while undergoing your study. Moreover, the supervisor can help .. reading/ examining your idea from time to time. Talking and debating a point .... is not thesis writing in the making. Sometimes,people forget what you were saying the last time. To summarize, please write and put them safely in the cloud. Attach a date to your writing such as Aug152013_chapter2_T10 God Willing you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Good luck then. Wallahu aklam bis sawabb. (God knows best)


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