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Salam Yesterday 2 billion musllims all over the world celebrated Eid Mubarak(HARI RAYO PUASO) 2013. They did that after completing a fasting period that lasted 30 days. Fasting means abstaining from food and sex from dawn to dusk everyday. At night they engaged with long prayers and recitation of the Holy Quraan.( Thanks to Allah , I managed to read 30 juzuk of the Holy book struggling with many daily commitments as a father to 6 children and 250 students in the university). After that period, muslims celebrate with * having a big feast with their beloved ones. They eat halal food only like satay, lemang, rendang and ketupat. ** visiting their relatives, friends near and far// open houses are seen at all places. *** seeking forgiveness from their beloved parents * visiting the ancestor's graveyard and ** many more social activities ---------------- Basically, their faces painted some level of success them fighting against the syaitan, iblis and dajjal. But most importantly, against their own carnal desires (nafsu) like buying few more tudungs , baju kurungs, new hybrid car, new TV set, and many more. Some got married after this fasting month in style at 5 star hotels in the big cities. Man is born with 9999 nafsu. One of them is acquiring as much money as possible in one's life time. But according to the world newspapers , so far not many of us can bring all the wealth into our graveyards except Qaruun. He..he.. So we have to thread this life carefully so that Allah is pleased with us and put us into paradise. What is paradise? It is a place called garden with 7 kinds of streams under their feet which signals the pinnacle of success in the eyes of all muslims man and woman.( reference: Al Quraan, chapter called Ar Rahman). They wanted to stay away from hell at all times ( a place of fire) by obeying the commandments of god according to the teachings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. (peace be upon him). May God help us all. Ameen.


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