After a week holiday, the work is waiting

Posted by sazali

Salam Happy Raya every body! He.he.. I finally did not make the trip to my village in Kota Bharu this raya. Alhamdulilah. I saved a lot of energy, money ( no need to service the car for 1700km journey ) and .. for many other things a dad has to do while in his old kampungs. Well I got a girl in Kuala Lumpur who insisted of going back to her campus today (Sunday) giving 1001 excuses like doing assignments with her friends in their hostels. Moreover there is her English teacher giving a lesson on Monday at 0800 am. Guess .. it will not happen Malaysia/ I know a lot about cancelling classes and what not after this long holiday. But my daughter said ' she is Indian. She keeps her promise so well so far.' Let us see. So here I am .. waiting for everybody to get ready for the trip to KL. 2) Now children (girls) dictate what her daddy has to do daily, weekly, monthly .. and many more .. what come may. Looking at the recent shootings etc etc the big cities .. I have to do the sacrifice to cater for the needs of my family. I have to take care of their well being and also their studies. Now it is not easy to get job if you are a girl. If it is not the father , who else .. can do this kind of 'donkey' job. Tell me please? Elder boys? they have their families of their own. In Islam, we have to think well of others. Let them busy themselves with their own families and visits and ..for me .. I will busy with mine. I think that is ok, right? 3) I think of updating my article to present in this September 2013 National Conference on Assessment and Evaluation. There is something missing in that essay. Think it is better to upgrade the writings a bit especially the reference section. O yes.. since I am taking a 3 day off , I better visit Lembaga Peperiksaan in Putrajaya tomorrow Monday 12th. Hope I can get some supporting data why some students are committing silly errors in Mathematics. Next, I want to visit is the Curriculum Development Centre. If I can visit those 2 places , I think my above essay will have many supporting data. That is great , I promise. Think that is all for today. It is raining .. the whole morning in Johor. Looking at the rain, how bless is our life. Malaysia is hot .. and also very wet. He..he.. thank you Allah. Wallahu aklam bis sawab.


  1. norafmi said...

    Tahniah Dr. krn sudi datang ke Library INTAN Kluang untuk mencari bahan rujukan.

    Semoga terus dipermudahkan segala urusan.

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