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In this world, as parents we are considered as biological teachers.  Without any extra effort , our small baby sucks their mums tits for free 24/7 milk.  Alhamdulilah.

As teachers, we teach our children good manners and common sense.  Good manners covers many fields such as the way to say thank you to some help others bestows upon us or say sorry if we did sosmething wrong to anybody example ..stepping on someone's slippers in the mosque.  Just say SORRY.

As teachers, we guide our girls to cook in the kitchen.  We tell them , no matter who you are girls ..the secret of good marriage is your ability to serve good food to your beloved families.  If we depend on mamak's food like tandoori and roti canai ..the chance of us getting all sorts of sickness/ illness is very great because .. the cooks are not ladies.  According to statistics ..the cooks in the mamak restaurants are not trained in terms of hygiene or good living.  Their focus is to serve food as fast as possible,  as a result, you can be sent to the private hospitals as express as possible too.  Think about it , my dear please?

When we teach, the act is called teaching.  make sure the teaching got some moral values.  I give you a simple example here. By making our own food, we can adjust our calories like puttting less salt to the food prepared in the hot clay pot.  He..he.. We can cut apples, plums and add all those into our food.  Good vitamins, really?

When we teach, our girls are called our students.  At the time of our old age, our girls know which is our favourite food since they were young ..years ago.  Why?  because we teach them the art of preparing simple malay food consisting of fried fish and simple boiled vegetables plus a bit of chicken soup.  If not, they are going to rely on mamak food again.  You know?  mamak cook always change.  The last cook put a small pinch of salt into our food .. but the present one, grap a good handful of salt into the fried-noodles.  Soon the public got the shock of the century .. the professor died because of heart attack.  Why?  the salt really?

See? it is always wise to train our girls how to cook.  By preparing our own food we preserve a great malay culture. We can invite many people to enjoy simple food at our homes.  The cost is much lower than to have a dinner in some hotels down town.  Thinking about it,  I think we must make it a point to let our girls good at cooking.  He..he..

When we closed our eyes for good, the lessons the lessons our girls  got from us in the kitchen ..  spell forever lasting benefits for everybody to enjoy.  Our name will be mention in good faith by our realtives when they complemented our girls' cooking like '.. haik ..this taste like your mum's cooking....'  He..he.. see how true it was my writing in this occasion.

For that, I sign off with ..  Happy Cooking my girls.

Wallahu aklam bis sawabbb.  God knows better my intention of writing this on the wall.


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