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We all pray.
Muslims pray silently and loudly.
But the most important thing, it must be done sincerely.

As a father, he prays.
As a mother, she prays.
As a child, he also prays.
As a community, we pray together.

2)  by the way, what do we pray?

Some pray for taufiq and hidayah
Some pray for instant recovery from an illness
Some pray their kebab shops will do well in Tokyo.
some pray  hard so that their SV stay fit and well towards the end of their respective journeys
Some pray the missing plane be found again.

As the head of a family
One  always asks for 5 things

#  good pious children
## a blessed wife, wives, life
###  all his abilities he can use for the deen of islam
#  his closed ones will lead a happy and prosperous lives
## his proginy ( zuriat)  engage themselves in dakwah

As a mum
she will ask few simple  things

#  her marriage  last until death
## she can help with healthy babies
## her husband takes care of her and children well, lovingly
#  she is healthy,  fertile, brainy
## her cooking unites those who comes into her house
## she got a good & responsible man
## she can fly once in her life time to Mecca and Madinah
#  put away  hunger, poverty and poor conditions

But Allah will help us in the prayers if

We lead a clean life
no haram food, no haram money
we pray 5 times a day in congregation
we help the deen of Allah at all times

It is found to be good to pray.
we feel nice inside
we smile better to other people
why?  More inner peace in our hearts and souls

Thank you.

al fatihah


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