good versus hot money

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Good money is those income that we got halal from islamic point in view.
Good money comes from our struggle getting the income within a period of time say a week, a month or a year.
Teaching for  a month we got pay.  The money here is good money.

We are careful with spending good money.
First we give some to our old parents.
Once they got our gift, they will doa for us so that
We are healthy, wise and productive.
Second, we pay our dues examples the rent, hire purchase, food, education and many more.
Insya allah by doing so, we lead a harmonious life.

This is different from hot money.
Hot money comes from haram means examples robbery, theft , cheating and graft.
Hot money did not come as planned.  It came from bad companies, gangsters, prostitutes, pimps and many more.  It is so sad to see policemen are taking hot money.  Sometimes they eat the ayam first.  They eat the chickens with their friends and also their bosses.  Astagh firullahal azeem.  All sorts of video recordings were made.  But this is all hot money.

Therefore we tend not to be careful with hot money.
From hot money people bought expensive houses.
From hot money they buy ridiculuos items
Like jewelleries,  hand bags, RADO n Rolex  watches, computer gadgets etv.

They try their best to dispose the money as quickly as possible.
Once they went for overseas trips
They spend the money like everything.
They did not think about life after today.

Thats why
Some of them are seen spending millions of RM within  2 days.

By getting hot money
They make horrible films with non muslims, jews and kafiruns.
but they forgot 1 thing.  Our bad directing never reach the levels of badness of the americans.
As muslims we should know what is good and what is bad.
This is to protect the faces of our parents since our parents are so regular doing umrahs and hajj.  More over our daddy talk good to the rural people.  Same goes with our mum. She always highlight what she did all this while .
But hot money
Did not make a child thinks like me nowadays.

as a conclusion
let us warn ourselves
we are accountable with our money.

do taubah
and come back to the right path.



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