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A man needs to rest.
Few hours a day.

The best rest is to  sleep.

There are many ways to sleep.
But our Holy Prophet Muhammad had taught us how to sleep.

Just revision here.

Take wudhu to sleep.
Read few surahs of the Holy Quraan before going to sleep
Focus waking up to do subuh solat
Masjid is the best place.

2)  by sleeping we become fresh.

3)  many accidents happened because the drivers had not taken enough rest.
They lack sleeping.

4) we are lucky to have enjoyed sleeping for fewvhours at night daily.

some sleep at night.
some sleep in the day.
but the point is ..we have to sleep.

5)  we can sleep in many styles.
5.1  face up
5.2  face down
5.3  face on the right side
5.4  putting a small pillow on the face
5.5  putting a small towel on the face

most importantly our face is pointing towards the kiblat , mecca

6) some people take medicine to sleep
but i would advice you
not to take any.
it is dangerous to depend on drugs
when going to sleep

6.1  drugs are expensive
6.2  how to fight the enemies if everyday for sleeping purposes we look forward to take some pills
6.3  if we are not careful, slowly our body system suffers by taking pills

7)  the best place to sleep is our home
not aeroplane, offfices, hotels or top of the Everest.


7.1  man is used to his surroundings
7.2  we love old smelling pillow
7.3  private matters like beside the cow's  shed or next to the drain.   The smell is calling.
7.4  private feelings
7.5  preferably under our mums armpit.  The smell makes us sleep sounder.  Our nerves suddenly relax with the smell in the air.  Comfort and peace.
7.6  if not mum, we sleep with our partner i.e., husband , wife


remember to sleep in a safe place.

Dont just stop and sleep near the highway.
it is becoming dangerous.

Malaysia has 34 million population
6 million are foreigners.
some are ok
but some are not.
They might harm you during your sleep behind the bush.
Preferably sleep near the RnR.

safety is an important agenda.

8)  Man should sleep 6 hours.  After sleeping we read a doa.  If we take care ofvthis sleeping becomes an ibadat.
if more sleep, bonus
else if less not worry
we can catch up later.

some men fall asleep
while listening to khutbah
why?  2  reasons

8.1  a boring khutbah talking about The Prison in Malaysia for example
8.2  this is the best time to sleep

 I think thats all.
Please sleep.
i can sleep while lying down or
sitting down listening to bayan.

some foreigners were jealous.

i can sleep under an air cond
and I can also sleep in India which is hot.  O yes ..dont play with the gadgets.  The rays are dangerous.

Till then
good bye.  Enjoy your sleep  young man.  Do zikir  subhanallah, alhamdulilah and Allahu akbar 33 times each.  Allah will help you to sleep.


zzzz  zzzz


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