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In economics, it was taught

To start business, we need a small capital and a partner.
We put our capital say RM100,000
Our partner put his RM50,000

So the total capital is RM150,000
If we made a profit, we share in the ratio of 2 is to 1.
I  took RM2,  you took RM1

If we loss, we share the burden equally.
This is an example of a business partnership.

That is business.

2)  now we go to another partnership
Called husband and wife.

In islam we married in the name of Allah.  We took our wife in the name of Allah.  In other words,  this is amanah.  You are entrusted to take care of somebody's daughter as well as you can. Amanah.
So this is ibadat.
The partnership is ibadat.

Once ibadat we have to be careful..

We cannot do things according to our whims and desires.
We follow rules.  Islamic rules.

1.  We have to pray 5 times a day.
2.  We fast 30 days a year.
3.  We cannot go near our wives if she is under period. If 10 days period, you just look, look and look.  Ok?
4.  Our children all  bin, binti  the father.  Must educate them.  Send to schools. Al Quraan and UPSR schools. All need money now.  Nothing f o  c.
5.  The father is the head of the family.  As the head, he must think better in terms of security, food, clothings, education and shelter.
If the mother is also smart, then good.
If both are stupid, hard luck. What to do?  Back to schools. Can?
6.  Make effort and tawakal as much as possible
7.  Good relationship between neighbours, relatives and kins.
8.  Good earnings we pay zakat.
9.  If good wealth, we go hajj once in a life time.
10.  If death comes, we bury our partner according to islam. Due respect for him or her.
11.  Attention.  This life together is ibadat. Allah will ask us one by one.  No cheating.  No short cuts.  No money directly into our own bank account if we are a minister big or tiny.  We must report to the rakyat. Else  the rakyat claim from you one by one in akhirat.  My  friends plan to claim all his pahala at the time of his umrah 100 times going private jets or not from malaysia.

see?  Marital
partnership is not a bed of roses.
we must be accountable.

knowing this
we shall live peacefully.

without knowing this
our marriage will not last long  like others.  Some can last 6 months.  Some extend up to 60 years.  Lazy  bones .. what a disaster?



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