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When we play football
We practice a lot.
Practice makes perfect.
We practice dribbling
We practice penalty kicks
And many more.
One day when we go to the final game
In the national stadium
We shall play very well.
No team play a final game without practising.
They practice a lot.
As directed by the coach and higher officers.  Without proper practice,
some players will be out of breath  chasing the ball for 90 minutes.
Some suffered
From cramps and many more.
why?  They lack serious practice.

Strange indeed among the muslim community
In solat fardhu
We did not practice much.
We did not practice solat sunnat (optionals)

Many of us
Once we enter the main hall in the masjid
we just pray solat jumaat. 2  rakaats.
as a result, we lack focus.
our doa is blur
many rushes home after jumaat
therefore we can understand
why our prayers are so poor in terms of quality.
The men cannot teach the ladies many things about islamic views. Why? We did not practice much listening, thinking and talking.

To be near to Allah
we must practice
try doing tahajud, dhuha and awabim

why Allah?
He is our sustainer.
He gives us lives and
He is also the one who takes away our lives.

By practicing in optional solats
this will improve our skills in focusing.
we can doa better
try and structure our doa as properly as possible
by doing so
we can be a stronger force
with the help of Allah.

i hope u can see
My intention of writing this.
we must practice reading the quraan as properly as possible.
we cannot read the quraan poorly.
we must learn.
Learning is compulsory.
if we make an effort to learn
Allah will make things easier for us.

in summary
let us spend some time
practicing our recitation of the Holy Quraan
and let us learn it from the right teachers.

MAY Allah helps us. Ameen.



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