stupid man

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Most men hates to be referred as stupid.
But that is the reality.


1.  Most men likes to take an easy route to happiness and wealth.
they take short cuts.
examples.  In businesses  they prefer shorter route.
after some journeys
they discovered a
longer experience is more important.
here they learn many tricks and obstacles and
from those obstacles, they can avoid similar mistakes in future.
Alas it was too late. At this moment they are carrying the expensive mistakes again and again. Why?  The competition is getting more intense.  They lost the grounds when the government was willing to help them at that time.

2.  Individual Savings could cure many illnesses.
but many prefer to take quick  loans from the banks and chetty.
They did not realize speed loans create accumulated interest.
soon the interest killed all his profit made.
Alas they realize this and it was already too late.

3.  At a senior age, it is not advisable to try business.  What more if you were once a government servant.  A business is different from a school. Formerly you were paid monthly but in business you can sell but can you handle debts?  People are owing you money.  Selling is easy but collecting what is due from you is another story.  More over, you can see many people dying each week, month in front of your eyes. So what else do you want to try  from your new venture.  Aren't you dying?  Why not you give your remaining time to be  closer to Allah.  From history, nobody has brought  any business to the grave. What we know they are bringing with them debts with the chinese, indians and many others.  See?

in sum
it is good to learn from mistakes.
but those mistakes ..please let others committed them.  You should learn from those

else you are a very stupid man.



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