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Some of us are mad with

1.  Figures.

Many likes big figures such as fat cheques

Some like small numbers ..slimming, imagining to put a newwr clothes

2.  Woman

They like to marry new ladies
Preferably Thailand, Indonesian, Kemboja

3.  Titles

Tan Sri

4.  Holidaying

Take AirAsia all over the places.
Not only them
Their young ones crazy with holidaying.
No more homework n everything else

5.  Staying power

They want to stay awake driving lorries, busses
One day everything stop.
They knocked the police

6.  Food
All free food great.
Awesome they said.

It is all free.  Thats  why?  All free things .. many of us are mad with it.  Right? Imagine we get on the highway all free tolls for the whole year.  Can?

He he he

7.  Fashion
All fashion they like
except their own brand.

8.  Football clubs

All teams they like
except their own teams like TRW, JDT.

few answers here

8.1  no great stars to shout about in Acheh, Medan and  Narathiwat
Last time we have Shahruddin , Namat, Mokhtar, Soh Chin Aun

the japanese , koreans saluted our past heroes.
Now was all history.

8.2  we played the same style.  Why?  Physical and mental stamina .. may be?
8.3  AirAsia should put our teams on their bodies
If we are not proud of our own brand
who else?

I think that suffice.
Must now ask to ..




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