feeling good

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Feeling good.
What a topic to write.

My late father wanted me to be a teacher.
So after graduation
I took teaching.
The most beautiful thing
My first school was in Tumpat, Kelantan.
Luckily  the last balai polis my daddy was in Tumpat too.  Wow..
what a feeling!

Any father feels the same , i think.
His eldest child came back to him.  Coming back to his lap, I  mean.

2)  forward 34 years
My eldest son
Becoming  a university lecturer too.
We all know all along
Teaching wont make u  rich.
But it is ok.

3)  the good feeling is

He fills  up my job
After I left mine in Johor.

I was a bit sad in 2013
But now
I am smiling again and again in 2017.  Not bad, i  think.  Alhamdulilah.

My son is following my footsteps.
Teach, teach, teach
Research, research, research
Publish,publish , publish

Just have this
We do the above in the name of Allah.
then what we are doing
becomes an ibadat.

the only differences
i entered the univ with my masters
while my son joins his
with a British Ph.d

i joined as a staff, permanent job
while my son
during Najib's  time,
it is a contract job.

never mind.
look the other way

Allah has helped us
a long long way

HE bestows us good brain
good rezeki all over the world.

say  syukur
Allah will give u more and more after this.  Ameen.

feeling good heh?

our lives a contract too?
after some years we die.
nothing stays forever


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