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Our parents sent us to school to get some sort of  education.

With education, they believed all along

We are going to be a good citizen and can think well, logically n smart.

How to measure good citizen?


1.  We behave well with the others
2.  We do not cheat ourselves, others
3.  No stealing, no robbery, no corruption, no graft, no hanky panky undervthe desks
4.  If toileting, use your brain.
With water you can wash.
Else without water, do not make noise.
Rub, rub, rub,  get  out.
once at home, you can wash with all the water u have.
5.  If you have money buy the food else
Do not beg.
6.  If u want to ask something, say nicely.
7.  Say thank you after somebody have done something good for you.
8.  Think nice of others.
9.  Never speak ill of me since i am your teacher, lecturer, professor,, shifoo or ustaz.
10.  If somebody has given you their daughter,
Take good care of her.  Treat her well.  From this treatment, Allah gives you nice children.

Easy, right?

If you can do that
You are an educated man.  A man with brain.

If you screwed somebody
And then you bombed her body
her parts all over the country, trees n bushes
You are worst than an animal... repent?

Understand that my child.


Be educated.
With education, you know who Allah is.



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