education part 3

Posted by sazali


The next part is common sense.

We went to school to learn this common sense.

No need phd, masters n  degrees.  Just common sense.

If you go toilet
Just flush after using..
If you go toilet with dry seats
Please sit down n do the poo poo like every body else.
Dont step on the seat with your giant slippers n trompahs.
why wet the seats?

If your bum is heavy like the tennis star from USA
Position it well and shoot as nicely as u  can get.

Dont go out from the toilet n got urself cursed by the dogs.


2)  if no money
Dont buy.
Just swallow ur saliva n wait a bit longer.
If no money
Dont borrow from ah long

U get urself killed one day.

If u borrow from every body
U must be a stupid fool.

U wake up daily as beggars
People will laugh at you.
why?  U  beg from people
u put yourself so low
what a disaster.

what is a second home
if u can do well in the first home.

if your 50 old wife is all ok.
her good cooking is making good of your reputation
why must u messs up with a 40 old lady from a across the water.
any difference?

our beloved prophet said
they have the same organ.
those organs are at the same location.
nothing change continent to continent.
they are all functioning exactly fine.

Education is just common sense.
If ur wife is  ill
Be careful.

Dont do bad things to her.
Respect her body. Treat her with urmost love.
Then u live a happy life with her nursing ur bladder, jantung and many more to come.

Get me?

hope u see my patterns of thinking.
most of my guru did not come from arabia and i am doing just fine.

just common sense, my child.

if u get good money
send some for me. A few grey notes would do for my
cup of coffee in a kluang railway station with my old, great friends
i shall talk nice about you while sipping the coffee
come rain or shine.

ur papa is praying for you.  Ameen.  Live with lots n lots of common sense please.



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