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Today i teach you halal and haram.

Most of our islamic kitabs talk about haram food, halal food.

Haram food .. a food like chicken, cow, goat, buffalo must be slaughtered in the name of Allah as properly as possible.  Then they become halal.  You  can eat halal only.

Haram food,  got pig elements directly or indirectly.  You cannot eat.  Forbidden.

Halal food ..we muslims can eat 24/7 all over the world.  If we eat halal, our prayers are accepted.  The next step is jannah.  Paradise.  Happy ever after. Aameen.

But most  strangely
Our kitabs did not write so much how we got our money, income etc.  Were it obtained honestly as demanded by the almighty Allah?

If the kitabs got so much contents on halal style of getting ones money,
Most of the time
The teachrs, ustaz  , ustazah talked about halal n haram food only to the population.


The answer is  teaching about food , many students can understand much quickly.  If theybteach halal method of getting food, some of us will doze to sleep.

2)  we think so much of our stomach.
Muslim world has 2 billion people.
So we focus on our food.

If many countries did not have enough food  like the afrikan countries which experience dry periods
Many rich countries like saudia arabia, oman, qatar
Work together to get and send food to the poor n hungry countries.

So much time was spent thinking about food and live happily ever after with food all ovr the houses.  We eat and we throw away tons of food.


3)  but less time is spend teaching n talking about halal ways , methods of getting rightful earning income.

Among us,  few are willing to swindle so much money.  We made so many stories., false claims..  since
it is easy to write many stories  while our stomach is full of food.

since we talked little about halal income, halal money

some engineers,
top consultants, police officers, army big guns
stole the money from their own people.  QUIetLY, secretly they carted the money abroad.  If the lorries are too small, they brought in jumbo jets to bring the money in far far places. There they play sking and god is fair.  They break their bones n legs.

since they are so rich,
living in posh apattments
they can influence
the ustaz, ustazah, mulvis  to be on their sides.  How?  They put the mulvis together for hajj n umrah.  He..he..he..ya habibi ya habibah.  Every body wearing jubah, jilbab under the hot sun.  If I am not wrong, one time, this countrys  so called  imams and bilals were taken for hajj n umrah where all fees paid by the government.  Brilliantly executed!  Then they act according to the orders ofvthe government.

for your information
many ustaz, ustazah came from poor families 40 , 50, 60 years ago.  Some of them slept on dry cocunut husks under the hot sun in the middle east while studying for their   degrees and memorizing quranic verses. If they slept on dry mats, their bodies got deep marks.  Many of us cried looking how poorly  they had led their lives learning about religion. Why?  They were not sponsored by the World Bank, Colombo Plans and etc etc. As a result,  They were so poor living as students in the middle east which was once upon a time.  We could count per week how many times they found proper food with chickens, ducks, lambs, tandoori,carrots, water melons and sunkist oranges.

after they got jobs and
they got big posts, living like rich wealthy people.


they live together with corrupted people.  Elite places?

Wealth, good living, flying to expensive places
buying branded clothings

this n  that,   they become close 'friends'.  Their ladies talked the same styles like the ladies of the corrupted leaders.  What did they say?  Big houses , big weddings are the symbols of success.

good people
bad people
they look the same.  They think alike.  They watch football. They talk football with those corrupted people.  They drank, enjoying good laugh n same invented stories.

4)  allahs commandments became dry information. Just like soap advertisements from Megamall, Aeoun super stores.
when there is no takwa
halal, haram mix  and blend up very well.

as a result,
if we meet a problem
if we ask from the divine help

no help comes.  Many of us are killed, poisoned n their sufferings
became movies.  We could not do anything.  Suddenly we are hopeless, the weakest umat umat on this entire planet.

we have changed a lot.
we think differently than the old great people called the companions of the Holy Prophet alaihis salam.

our children look just like the kafir.
our children think hard, play hard like the non believrs.
if the jews, christians sleep the whole morning,
our children do the same.
Every sunday morning the whole world is sleeping.
if any enemy were to attack
perhaps sunday morning is the best time to strike.
There you can see many men
could not find their shots, weapons and armouries.  If they wanted to fire, their guns got locked.  Why?  Unprepared.  If we want to see their  cctv,  the equipments not functioning.  Why?    Not well prepared.

if you go oxford streets , london, you can see modern ladies.
do not be shock
they are mostly muslimats.  See their shopping carts.  Did they shop dates, attar perfumes, onions, chillies?  Yes they bought the same things likevthe rest of the disbelievers.  Smallest beg but the most exprnsive item on earth.  Similar is their high heeled shoes.

Weak soldiers
did not think much.
they only focus on food.
is this halal?  Halal  n haram is a big curriculum in our education.  Alas there is little ruh in them for us to be taqwa citizens as defined by Allah.

That is all
simple education.

if i am right, alhamdulilah.
if i am wrong, so damn sorry.  That is my summary after leading 5 decades of life in this pretty world.

shaitan, iblis and nafsu played a great factor.  But we forgot them.  Why?  Our focus only on halal food only.  These shaitan too smart for us.  How? We have to go dakwah n tabligh.
then we can fight  n win the battles of nafsss.


may Allah forgives us.  Ameen


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