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Most of us would like to hear good news everyday.
This puts  their spirit up for the whole day.


1.  Congratulation, you gonna be a mum soon.
2.  Congratulation.  You are promoted as an Education Director effective today.

As a result being a leader what should we do
Knowing that the sub ordinates love to hear good news?

But reality is reality.

Some of us are always positive.
Some negative and some in between.

##  at present we have 500,000 unemployed graduates.
Most are ladies.
If we have 3  girls who are unemployed
What are we going to do?

Online businesz?

That is good.
But the point is how to make somebody buying from us all the times when the mass of the population do not have any job at the moment.

we must have a strategy.

I went to a business seminar last week .  Tuan Fahdi was on Evo Funnel.
i think it was a successful seminar.
fyi,  3/4  seats were taken by  the ladies.
They were doing well looking at their appearances , mood  n smiles.He..he

i was ok.
but i stopped listening at 0600 pm.  Time to go home.

actually the event ran until 2200 hours.

my god.

In Malaysia we have 5 times daily prayers.
then my biology
tells me ..  i must take my food on time.

thats why
i am what i am.


At this old age
my children kept asking
are u coming, daddy?



difficult to focus.

i think next time
i must go overseas.

then i learnt better.

the good news is .. i learnt something good about online bisness.



introduction RM30
hackers funnel  RM2779


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