time to go home

Posted by sazali


After 10 days in the path of Allah
It is time to go home.

As a human being
One is happy to return to his family.

But upon returning
some jobs have to be done.

trying to help outside jamaah if they come to my mosque
islam expands when there is hijrah and nusrah.
hijrah is when others comes to my town
while nusrah is to help the best that we can.

do dakwah once a week in my own town.
visit and talk about the fikir of Rasulullah s.a.w. among the neighbours, friends and others

while ziarah
we shall know what is happening in our locality.
people will know you.
thus your circle of friends will get bigger and wider.

i hope to go home
With repentance.
i did not do my best.
this is because
we are trying to imitate what the blessed people were doing in dakwah
all over the world.

but dont worry
it is good enough
as compared to those
who did not even try at all
when his age is advancing all the time.

understand deen is to obey Allah.
if one can not obey, then one did not understand yet anything.
inspite of him carrying few donkeys of kitabs
if he can not obey Allah
then he has not understand much after all.  Pity one's own soul, my dear.

i believe
there is never a good time
when we are fully prepared  To give our time to Allah.
just look at the dead ones
are they ready when their time was up?
so just jump into the path of Allah in good or bad times.
let us do the job together.

please forgive me ya Robb.  I am returning home with lots and lots of repentance.
please accept me again and again in your sacred path,
your choice is the greatest present i can expect.  Nothing else matters.



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