two points from Sri Petaling istima'

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There are 2 things i  got from Sri Petaling istimaa  last weekend..
What are they?

In this world
All men and women will work very hard based on a certain basic belief that

If there is something good out of their hard work,
They are willing to work as hard as they can.They are willing to;

1.  Leave their country to work here
2.  They are ready to sacrifice every thing.  If no food it is ok.  If so many mosquitoes in the working site, it is also ok.
3.  Not only the man sacrificed every thing
The woman is willing to be left behind by their men for a long long period.
4.  The children are willing to sacrifice too
6.  The old parents are willing to shoulder all the hardship during the mens absence

They believe there is something good after this mad mad struggle.
imagine the indians, the pakistanis, the bangladeshis, the indonesians,

they left their families for 3 to 5 years

sometimes they marry the malays
they marry the sabahan ladies while working here.

all ok.  No body is angry. The wives say ok.  The mum in laws also ok.
Because of the strong belief they are all holding  fast
come rain or shine.

this comes about because there is very effort, littlevtime spent in talking about Allah and ad deen Islam.  The men rarely talk n listen about the importance of having fikir in Allah.  So does the ladies. What we do all this while is just mechanical.  Little roh in our ibadat.

## second point is

other than the belief
they understand
there is financial benefit from this long and hard struggle.

this benefit can bring many  good things to them..
they can build bigger homes, buy bigger fridges, buy better cars, bigger pieces of lands to grow crops etc etc.

From this 2 points they are willing to die in far far places.

This is the same 2 points many of us  are having all this while (aqidah).

###  let us now look at the guiding stars as Allah revealed in the Holy Quraan

Rasulullah s.a.w.  managed to put these 2 points among the sahabahs radhiallah huangn hum ajmaiiin

first the belief
what belief?  The  akhirat is much more a better place than this temporary world...

and the second point is

they know the benefits in paradise.  RASULULLAH s.a.w. managed to work and explain these benefits for 23 long years.  With these

they are willing to fight for deen through out their lives.  They left their families and children to far, far places to spread islam because they understand the benefit behind the
Holy sacrifices.

for that they were willing to die while in Badar, Uhud, n many more battles.
Rasulullah s.a.w. spent unlimited time talking about Islam, dakwah and remain closeness to Allah.

##  unfortunately,  the opposite is happening.
At the moment
muslims muslimats all over the globe
did not have that same belief that the great sahabi had once upon a time.

as a result
praying 2 rakaat fardhu solat at  dawn is so hard for them.
reading al quraan is a big burden not only  to them but also among their working girls,
knowing the neighbours more  is a bit pain to their daily plan,
Going out for dakwah for 3 days monthly,  40 days a year ...they said it is just a waste of time.
THey always see worldly rewards  and
not the  rewards  of the hereafter
day  in  and day out.  Astaghfirullah.

AS A result
jamaah dakwah tabligh has so much to do.

we have to do it together brothers and sisters and
the rewards so enormous by Allah.

better do it
because .. Allah knows our ability.

What he wanted from us
Just do it.

THE REST   Allah will take care of everything.  Giving taufiq and hidayah to the mass population all over the world

lucky indeed are those who know this and willing to give
their money, free time and their own lives for the sake of ad deeen.

May Allah accepts you and me.
accept what?  Going for dakwah n tabligh to all corners of the world.



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