you are right

Posted by sazali


Most of the time
You are right.

But sometimes
You cannot be right all the times.

5 reasons.

1.  Your knowledge is limited
2.  You depends on your sight.  Seeing is believing
3.  Allah shows HE is the boss
4.  You are just a creation.  Nothing more, nothing less
5.  You are just a Malay.  A malay never win anything in gold in the olympic.
So be it,  ok?

He he he.

Some examples look better.

A horrible accident.
We think all is dead.
Suddenly all passengers doing great.

A malay cannot conquer a tall mountain.
The mother says .. come down please.
While pleading, the mother is crying.
Upon the sight of the mum
The malay cannot be strong.
We never win the race.
If we go against
Surely we will go to hell.
Pity you, pity me.
We cannot go overboard.
So we cannot be right all the times.

What can we do?p
Accept it.
For we are just a malay.
we are more muslim than all the arabs put together.  Great news, isn't  it?  Consult our PAS leaders.  Check whether they can win everything this PRU.  Doa.  U   right or me  right



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