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look at this branch or node.

Our houses.  Many people come from many houses.

A surau, mosque is a place where all muslims pray together on Friday.
a marhalah is a place where some dakwah work is organized locally.

A halaqah controls a number of marhalahs.

A markaz controls a group of halaqahs.

Sri Petaling is the head quarters of dakwah tabligh in Malaysia.

Nizammudin, India is the headvquarters for the whole world.  Without the link, we are forgotten.


Our houses are under the influence of a mosque.
Many mosques are under one marhalah, halaqah.
Example marhalah,   halaqah called gaal, pasir puteh.
After halaqah, there is a markaz.
Example markaz jerteh.  This control the whole Besut and Pasir Puteh.
There are more than 30 markaz in this country.
Sri Petaling controls the whole markaz in this country.

After Sri Petaling, masjid nizammudin controls thd whole centres throughout the world.  Control what? Do the work of dakwah.

The only way to get the link
We must be active doing the work of dakwah..  the
link is important.  All the prayers  of the blessed people is meant for  those who are doing the work of dakwah.
Once we are doing that
The help of Allah is near.  Allah says  in the Holy Quraan if u help the deen of Allah, them Allah will help you..

Malaysian police has a link with the Interpol. Any criminal can be caught and solved when the police force have a strong link between other police forces through out the world. Without the link, it would be difficult to handle all sorts of modern crimes.

In sum, we must build a link between ourselves and others. This is to ensure we can work together every time. With the cooperation, we can move to any country (god willing).  May Allah loves us in doing the work of dakwah. Ameen.




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