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Many of us are making some plans.
Some plan to do business.
Some plan to marry.
Some plan to move from a place to another place.
Everybody plans.

Not many plan to do something seriously about their life after death.
First, they do not see  what is there after this life. This is iman. Weak iman?
Second, most of us plan things within a short time.
say 1 month, 1 year from now.

types of planning.  Building a house bridge and etc.

But our plan depends on Allah.
if HE is pleased, all ok.
else we face many problems.

why problems?
because this world belongs to Allah.
we are just his creation.
we cannot see what is tomorrow.
if we can see everything
not many will travel on our horrible roads.
we have the highest traffic accidents in this region.
so be careful.

in conclusion
we plan but we must rely
on the power of Allah everyday.  We pray so that Allah makes all our  plans materialize.
then we are saved from many  calamities.


insya allah


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