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As parents we do not want our children to get their things easily.
We want them to struggle a bit here and there.  There are few reasons to this.

Let me give 2 examples.
1.  Getting a new dictionary

A dictionary can easily fetch RM50 nowadays.
We can buy it now but it would be better to see
Our children  save some money daily to get the book.
Say 50 sen a day from their pocket money.
After they had saved RM35
We can top it up in order to get the dictionary.

If we do this
We train our children to appreciate some of their saving habits and also our part as their parent.
This would push them to be a good citizen of this country.  Here the values called appreciation, struggle and kindness.

2.  Going to school

now most children are sent by van, car or bus to schools.
they just wait for the buses in front of our houses.
sometimes we should let our children cycle to school say 5 km.
in this way, if anything untowards happen to the public transport
they can find their way to school easily.  Else they will cry for our help when we are already 100 km from home.

the above examples are a form of struggle that a parent trained their children.

i noticed that
they become more independent when they grow up after some sorts of struggle they went through.

this is different from those parents
who do everything for their loved ones since they were 5  to 20 years old. What ever the child wanted, the parents will fulfil it.  If not now, tomorrow. Magic?

in doing so
if they lost their lives suddenly in the traffic or in the air
their children were not trained
to face any sort of difficulties.

this is bad for the child himself.

by instilling good values among our children
we are preparing them to be a good and responsible man and woman later on.

We will feel proud of producing such honest children for our family and the nation.
According to the statistics from the Home Welfare
Many couples are divorcing each other. May be they cannot face any little hardship like money, feelings and transactions.  If we go deeper, some of those who divorced were mostly very pampered by their parents and grandparents.

think about it, ok?

thank you.


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