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As a student we always sit for an examination.
This is to test how much we have learnt throughout the year.

If we passed the examination, we are given a certificate of achievement say GCE O levels , GCE  A  levels.

Similarly if we are a teacher
We sit for an examination such as PTK3, 4, PTK5 (pencapaian tahap kecekapan).
this is to test how much we have understood the education system, philosophy and some political forces that influence the education system.

As a teacher,
i agree whole heartedly the concept of testing our teaching skills, contents and attitude.
by passing the test we become better teachers, lecturers and adminstrators.

Now the teachers did not undergo this type of examination any more.  May be not many teachers could pass especially the principals.

they build 8,8,5,3 system instead.
a junior teacher at grade DG41 can apply to be a senior teacher after 8 years in the service.
if he waited 8 more years , he can apply much senior teachers post at DG48. Three more years he can climb DG52 and soon DG54.  Therefore any teacher  can enjoy maximum pay within 25 year service.
all this brings better pay structure for the teachers as a whole.

The government believe if the teachers are happy
they will perform better in the classes and in the schools.  Imagine one school , we have eight  DG54 teachers.  Brilliant!  Where as in the faculties of a certain university, there are few associate professors  at DS54 scale.

if the teachers are happy
they can teach better.
thats the theory.

but not all teachers are happy when they found out that their 'poor' friends were also promoted based on some other factors and influences.  As a result, they are enjoying the same benefit like the strong and effective teachers at school.

so it is better to implement PTK3  exam instead of automatic promotion based on time of services.

alas PTK3 did not last long.  I think it ran 5 to 8 years only because it was reported
there were many failures among the teachers n lecturers.

More over it cost a lot of money to implement PTK3 in the local universities.

The above failures indicated 1 strong point
may be the teachrrs lack in content, pedagogy or phylosophy.

I am happy i sat for ptk3  and passed the exam after a 3 week course. It was run by UTM skudai professors.
out of 100 candidates only 40 made it.  It was in 2005.

In Malaysia
we like to pass every body.
Thus they put automatic promotion for teachers using 8,8,5,3 ladder.  In doing so, the government is spending so much money just to keep the teachers very happy. We have nearly 430,000 teachers now.  I  think all are happy with bigger pay cheque.  Soon the retirement age will be extended to 62 or 65.  Very good?



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