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This is a great word.
If somebody ask you Are you married?  No.
The word  no  .. means single.  Not married.  Huh  huh huh.

But the greater word is   shown below:
Single mother.
Remain single.
Single father.
Always single.
So  what!

2)  the world is so busy body.
if i were a lady and at the same time
i got my income,
i have houses, cars, forks n spoons, newspapers
why marry?

he ..he..he.

is it not ok?
of course i look strange ..but dont worry.
as long as i am happy
i am ok.  Believe me..i am just ok.

lets say i got married
anything can happen

first year ..happy
2nd year
3rd year
4th year .. many more things coming

in this part of the world, some couples brought in their mother.  If this is not enough, they brought many others.  Oghh..hell let loose.
if this mother is dumb, wheel chaired
i am ok
but most asian mothers  brought their big mouths with them.
This is war to me.  Big mouths .. is killing me.
soon i fight
i fight my wife at night.  Most of the time i won the battles no matter how the sets were planned or not.
I fight my mum in law  when day comes
soon somebody
 Cry. Cry.  Cry.  Divorse.
looking at this condition, why must i marry?  Now i ended with 2 babies.

now i am called a single mum.
bloody hell.

2.1  single daddy.
this is nothing fun to write.
He came to this state,
may be
may be
the wife pass away.  Al fatihah
or they fight ..and the wife ran away to Europe.

Well he deserved this.
why did he marry a British?
now he is everywhere with blond babies .. pity but
you deserve this.

from my observation
single daddy did not last long.
most of them remarry unless
his british wife took away his gun with her to Liverpool.

his gun must be something then.

3)  always single

this is the best.
age 20 single.
age 30 single
age 40 single
age 90 single.  Surprisingly,
in the grave .. he was found to be there all alone  yek?

3.1  advantages
my mother must be blessed.
no competition as far as screwing her sons money
day in day out  is concerned
her son will pour her many gifts.  Rm30,000 massage chair  ok.  Umrah every day also fine.
smile  mum.

3.2  disadvantages
# people will look down at you
## no place to pour your seeds which were discovered very fertile like ..
### no one to share the news about you getting your phd in california on time, your win in olympic etc etc
But dont worry,  be happy.

if you are a strong muslim
it is good to marry.
your ibadat is 70 times  heavier, valuable in the eyes of God.

did you meet this clause?

you are not my ummah
if you dont do what i did.  Rasulullah s.a.w
marry, marry, marry so many times.

Cannot compete with my blesssed Nabi (peace be upon him)
He got gibrael with him.  Gibrael so big.  He helped Nabi in many occasions.

in Malaysia i just got my banks.
however if i pay back my loan a bit late
the banks so noisy.
they keep calling me 100 more times.
this is really crazy.

many of my friends
got killed on the road
trying to talk with the banks behind their steering wheels

in conclusion
just stay single.
eat well, sleep well.
good life  what?
If u are old, no body taking care of you.  See?
never mind.  Let us reach that age first.  Then we see ..he, he, he



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