non sense

Posted by sazali


Many people are selling all kinds of things from the internet.

From the point of busy mothers

Buying things from the internet is a blessing indeed.
With extra money, we got something without troubling
Going here n there.

But shopping online works if there is money among the users.

The problem is

We cannot believe everything that was claimed.

What more the peddlars failed mostly
Science related subjects.

Relying on testimonials alones is not enough.
We are putting our life as a testing bed.

If it works, this is fine
If it does not work
We gonna die.

3)  try to be honest.
I can not buy this because i am under medication
From KPJ.

Tell them our  health specialist.
This will explain a bit on our decline.

4)  now every body vlaim
this meficine works in every condition
except death which is never expected.

look atbthe word    every.

Some hospitals spent milllion to do research
in California.

now a Besut guy
claimed his tanlets can solve all illlness
except death alone ..which nobody can control.

i  saw the nonsense.
but this nonsemse  is creating many news.

what  do yu  think?

god knows right?



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