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A man can do many things in a day.
If he has a family, treating his family members very well is  really a nice thing.
I had lived with an english family once when I was 18/19 in Grantham, Lincs
I saw how the mother spoke well to her family members politely and serving good food for everybody.

my rezeki also extended to
in 1978/79 when  i  lived with a Pakistani family in Stamford Hills London.  With me I got 3 pakistani masters students in UCL. They worked as navy officers in the pakistan naval force.  There i picked the taste of tandoori, shik kebab and many things else including the work of tabligh.  I can also speak a bit urdu along the way.  They were good in applied mathematics, fluid mechanic and  physics. Me?  He he he.

2)  if you are a teacher
teaching well is nice.
but to help slow learners is much nicer and well appreciated, believe me?

in good schools
many teachers do many wonderful things.
Some are sports teachers and some are more on academic clubs. I was more on computing know how that time.

In sum
treating the students well
can carry your name every where.
One day  you can see they have all grown up n becoming somebody with influence.


this week i met my ex student in Lembaga Tabung Haji KLumpur
it was 30 years ago
we left each other.
now he is a successful entrepreneur in " Funnel Evo Fahdi Ghazali"  with his wife.  They are dreaming me like the web network.

last 2 weeks i met another ex student in Bertam , Pulau Pinang. We lost contact few decades already.
now he is a good I L P  instructor  and not forgetting

Yesterday i met a famous uitm lecturer in biochemistry
hj kamsani ngalib in Sri Petaling.
We were boarding together in Whitechapel, London. He went NE London Polytechnic while me was doing accounting professional course in Tottenham Court Road.  The nice thing was master ji  Kamsani picked me up in Kuala Lumpur and the next day i was in Seremban with my favourite son  e in.

For me
if my old students and friends are willing to come over n shake my hands
this is the beauty of teaching.

that moments when we met n start laughing at our old old days together
i shall cherished it for the rest of my life.

This is something nice,  believe me.


Dr  S
ex teacher PFS, SMT, SMK, PKB


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