Cara musuh hendak menghancurkan ..

Posted by sazali

Salam.. semalam saya dengar formula "Spider" - senjata menhancurkan org melayu di Mlaysia/ Indonesia/ Brunei/ Selatan Thailand/ Selatan Africa. Ikutilah huraian seorang ustaz di Masjid Besar Sultan Mansur ..kpg sireh, kota bharu, kelantan. "S" is sex. By sex we have seen infants being disposed at the rubbish bins and sometimes .. the stray dogs brought the newly born baby without head across the streets. "P" is politics. Umno fights Pas And Umno fights PKR. The end is Malays are losing so much ground. We hate each other. When melayu fights for power , Allah disgraces us immediately by putting 'incapable' rakyat as our leaders -- they think big , talk big , but they love good lives , thinking of putting higher taxes , higher tolls and .. due to our stupidity/ negligence and short sightedness ..they got the power what ever way ..they can. Imagine .. the woman is the most influential figure in this melayu world. How? ask the melayu. Good bright people just watch .. and do nothing actually .. don't they? Rakyat suffers ... and keep suffering .. "I" is taking interest..riba/ haram..We borrowed so much money from the bank. One day we can't pay the bank. Malay lost again. "D" is for drugs. Not only heroin, marijuana, but also internet/ facebooking are also drugs. We lost focus what is the objective of our life? Our life is to obey Allah at all times according to the ways of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) "E" is education. Now too many females in the universities because the system suits them learning more efffectively than the males. As a result, the females are bringing more money into the homes. Thus .. they have bigger say in managing the house. males! you just follow the commands. "R" is for rock stars like Elton Johns, Rod Steward musics musics musics. Some of us idolise our singing / film stars like their gods. They are willing to skip prayers just to glorify these musicians. Soon the melayu is on the road to kehancuran. Other than Spider they have 4F and 4S. 4F = fun, food (haram) , festivals and fashion including tudung 3 lapis. 4S = sex, sloppy work, Sangham songs and SINS ..good bye Islamic practices. They left obeying Allah. I got all these from a short tazkirah maghrib/ isya di masjid kota bharu semalam. 21 hb disember 2013. The ustaz put a video/ power point slides about these. Wallahu aklam bis sawabb. Fikir-fikrkanlah.


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