MUET 12 Malaysian University English Test

Posted by sazali

Salam One of the items being examined in MUET is speaking and listening ability. Since my students are from the university ..and they have few foreign friends why not doing the following steps: (i) invite your foreign friends for breakfast / brunch try using this "Are you free tomorrow Abdulll Kareeeeem?" Why not we get together for breakfast at 10.00 am, we would like to practice English. Do you mind helping us a bit in English? You are coming.. along Abdul Kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeem, aren't you? --- (ii) when raining ..imagine you got an umbrella You can use this Abdul Kareeemmmmmm.. common come under my umbrella ..we walk together to the library. It is raining badly. You coming? Suhaila .. you got an umbrella? Yes ..I do. You want to share with me? Ooops so small an umbrella. Can I use your arm pit (ketiak)then as my umbrella please? it smells Abdul Kareeemmm (laugh) ---- When you want to get together with the foreigner(s) .. then you can practice English by speaking some good sentences, giving out questions .. and many more. Try please? If you do not try ..then how can your MUET Band 1 and 2 be transformed immediatelyy into Band 3? Think about that , will you? ------------- In England, I mixed a lot with my foreign friends .. be they English, Irish, Scottish, Italians, Americans ..etc etc. By mixing .. we can practice some English. On Saturday and Sunday .. I played soccer with them ..and by this game ..they swore at me .. and so I did that too. Free of Charge. No heart feeling you know? Even though I came from Kelantan and my parents and grand parents spoke german for the last 400 years .. that did not stop me becoming a fluent English speaker. There is a saying .. if you dare to change ..then you changed! as easy as that He..he.. Try please. Wasallam.


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