Just a pack of lies

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What is a lie, lies?
In a simple word it means someone cheated us. As easy as that.

Example 1
Some one borrowed your money. He promised to return it tomorrow.
When tomorrow comes, he never appear as promised.. So how do you feel? I am sure you are angry. You are disappointed with that lie.
A promise is  a promise but he did not see that way my friend.

Nowadays many killings happen near our  places. Why? The answer may be because of lying. In business it is important to keep to our words.

Anothrr reason could be the public knows our police is not effective anymore. A killing can happen any time and ..sometimes nobody is found guilty. In fact all paper reporting was a complete lies.

Example 2.
a father promised his boy to send him to London if he scored Grade A plus in English SPM paper.  After scoring that grade, the father said..sorry Ali..my business is bad now. London never come boy!


As parents we should fulfilled our promise at all times. If you cant do that never try to promise anything. You had let your children down again and again.  Poor parenting happens because of bad promises.

3) example 3. An officer claimed to have travelled from point A to point B on a certain Monday.  After checking, his superior caught him when he was in Macau on that particular day as claimed.

As a result, he was charged with dishonesty. He lied to the government.
Soon, he was fired from the government services. At the age of 59, he was dispelled and he lost all benefits after retirement at the age of 60.

The moral of the story is don't lie. Keep to your promise. Everybody loves to have you as friends if  you promise things and u keep to your words. Animals may respect you too if you keep your promise by giving them some food when the sun rises. When the animals are happy, God Allah will be happy too. HE BLESSES YOU WITH VERY good children.

i better stop now.
till then.. think about your promise boy? What was that? You wanted to study MUET well right?


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