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Salam. To have good english, you must love the language. You live each day with English. Many years ago Miss Fam and Miss Alison asked me and my friends to memorize a part of a poem by sheakspeare. It took me a real hard work to memorize mare than 30 lines poem when there was nobody to help us doing that. We memorized under the tree looking towards the river . We kept doing that ùnnnttil the time came. Few of my friends cried because they got some slaps. then my time came. We got to read the poem to the strict master called Mr Hector John. first i read the poem in front of the class..some friends laughed because they knew what my fate would be. Will it be just like them just now? . first few lines ..everything were ok.. then i spotted my friend not zipping his garage. Just looking at his bird..the lines of the poem went away from my compiler. Wow ..bròomm my english exercise book knocked / splashed over my face...and it hurt my eyes. Trying not to cry ..i tried to recall.. thank goodness..the lines of the poem came back..and i was the first to recite 45 lines successfully. Wush glad when i heard my friends cheering me on. But i still got to pick up the book that was thrown by Mr Hector John and it was on the floor .. few minutes ago. All this happened 40 years ago! 2) the point is .. i got some pain. I worked hard memorizing the poem..i was nervous knowing in advance what was expected of me.. 3) the benefit of such punishment ..i love english. Thank you Mr Hector John .. you really pushed my limits. from that day onwards . ..Now and then i was asked to promote my university programs in Jakarta, Bandung, kuala Lumpur, Johor Bharu and Doha. 4) You must memorize good english sentences. With thechnology, I saw many of my boys and girls put on songs over their ears 24/7. Why was it Band 3 English .. still shying away from you? he..he.. listen, memorize and repeat the songs .. sing the songs .. it will english your tongues soon. Bye.


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