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Salam. The other strategy in upgrading your english is you have to study / analyse a sentence. Find the subject and predicate from that sentence. examples. 1) the mother delivers the baby. Here ' the mother ' is the subject. The actor. then the rest of the sentence is the story or predicata. 2) teaching well is an art. The subject is 'teaching well' Then 'is an art' is the story or predicata. ---- As an asian we must buy good books to help us learning english. 2 of the books that i highly recommend you are Wren and Martin 'HIGH english grammar and compositionx it is 680 page bòokk. I bought this book from New Delhi. Costing 20 rupèes. It was in 1977 when i went there to learn being a dai. Dai means ' ..learner in spreading the deen of islam while he himself did it as it should be practiced'. 2) Wren and Martin ' key to wren and martin ' The second book is an answer book from the first book. I managed to get the second book yesterdsy from the ₩public library in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. It took me about 30 years to get the answer book. He.he.. see? --- I think I better stop now. hope you get something from these 20 MUET lessons. If there is any good, i would say alhamdulillah. It all comes from Allah. if it is otherwise, then i am solely responsible gor this. So sorry brother. he..he.. i am not a native english teacher. In Islam, Allah wants us to give our best. Till we meet again , good bye everybody in my my informal MUET classes. Enjoy english. Insyallah we can touch the sky. wasallam


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