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Salam To enhance your learning English , do not hesitate to spend some money and time on the following things: (1) buy Sunday STAR or Sunday Times you can see many examples of description especially travelers' log book regarding their favourite destination during the school holidays (2) get a recorder record your teachers' voice in giving instructions in the class// sometimes you can sleep better by listening at their voices especially the ladies who are still 'solo'. After they got 3 kids .. I am sure notice a different voice all together. Why? they lack sleep brother. (3) open a blogspot account - and start writing such as how are you? when are you coming? where shall we discuss ? how can we do that? why is that so? So What! (4) many more .. --- In this life, there is no many things that go free except the salesman / saleslady smiling at you. S/he smiles to 'fish' some money from your pocket. Try going to Hadyai, Bandung, Kota Bharu .. see how sweet they are smiling at you. ooops .. That smile is from 0900 am to 1700 pm only. After that .. you will see their true face. Try! Till then .. good bye.


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