MUET 17 - Discussing with friends over a round table

Posted by sazali

Salam n Good Morning. HOW ARE you today? I am on the edge of my kingsize bed. Just finished reading the Holy Quraan and a bit of zikiruĺlah. Thought of writing something for my MUET students. I do not plan to write long but say i still remember you guys. (Laugh) In the exam, you are put in a round table with a group of candidates @ friends. Then the examiner will pose a title say ' Women are smarter today then men in many ways'. So how about that? How to convince the examiner u r a Band 3 MATERIAL? The recommended steps are: YOu must be brave to talk. You just say I agree 100 percent (with the title you had posed just now). My points are 70 percent graduates are girls at the moment. This proves to the world the girls are smarter and they should work and bring home some cash after cash. What say you guys? Imagine you agree to this. you may start saying .. " I support that statement. This is my proof , my mum works as a teacher and my dad drives his express bus... to many destinations around Peninsular Malaysia. My mum brings home more money for the family than my dad. You know why? My dad's money went to buy petrol. Bigger bus means bigger expenses. So my dad loses to my mum. Why? She drives kelisa. So little money for petrol for a small car like Kelisa, you know? He..he.. this proves that the lady is more stable financially than man. what do you think? Now imagine you disagree. You can say rubbish. I don't agree/ support that statement. More ladies go to work because in most families there are more girls than boys. When more girls, the boys give the chance to them to study and of course working. If we don't let that to happen, some girls like to cry. I hate to see my mum crying , you know? in England/ English a gentleman, i must give girls their way first. So they left early to work. We boys are ok. We work a bit late. So we come home a bit late and our money a bit less. No problem as long as my girlfriends are not crying any more ..then it is ok. See the wife of our beloved Prime Minister. She has a lot of money by flying jet here and there. One more thing to add here. Most ATM users are ladies. When the man comes with their bank cards , the screen says Come tomorrow. We put some cash for you. See? laugh. I think if the examiner laughs, you are sure to pass MUET. i am confident about that. the strategy don't keep quiet during discussion. say something please. sometimes if we are brave, we can get marks for our bravery. I think that's all for today. I want to go down and make English breakfast. Another tips. To pass MUET, start your day with an english breakfast. Toasted breads, 2 half boiled eggs and a thick cheese. After that , say cheeeesssssse ...everyday. Sure u pass mate. insyallah. Bye for now. wasallam


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