Quality time 1

Posted by sazali

Salam. Peace be upon you my respected readers. After asar prayer, many of us settle down in their blessed homes. Surrounded by our parents, wives, children and modern gadgets many of us forget one important key towards hapiness. what is that key? the answer is .. 20 minutes before maghrib (dusk) prayer is the best time to do zikir towards Allah. in one hadith, if we remember allah, He will remember us. if we remember him at the time we r so rich, Allah will remember us at the time when face sudden difficulties. HADITH. WHAT IS THE best form of zikir? try and recite the Holy Quraan. Try and read the last 10 ayat of surah al imran. followed by the last 3 ayat of surah hasyar. then .. make doa so that we are happy. Allah is happy with us, is He? wait in the masjid and perform fard maghrib. Insyallah .. if we are steadfast with this small amal ..we get happiness. Settle? --------- Feedback. many families complain to me ,.they are not happy. inspite of them taking expensive food, living in high cost apartments, sleeping in the latest state of art ..bedding.. they still seek happiness. actually happiness is the heart. By following the simple ways as prespribed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) , insyallah Allah promised us happiness. when we are happy, we are contended with our wife, children, simple home, vios toyota car and eating simple food like laksam kelantan. Sometime after we have eaten the food, suddenly some body paid all the bills. Alhamdulilah. when we are happy, the animals wanted to share that state of condition. If one is not happy, nobody comes to his house. Accoding tto radulullah if a guest comes to your home, treat the guest properly because he comes with rezeki and berkat. if we dont practice thid dunnah, other creature comes to our house. Who are they? Ahlong. This creature ..you must be careful. The problem is with you. Why did you borrow his money in the first place? in Malaysia, sometimes ah long were found to kill their borrowers. Oh my god! if we want to be happy, we must live according to our means. If the parents are earning rm5000 a month ..they must live with that amount. Many of us got killed by the road accidents and credit card gangters because we had lived beyond our means all the time. We work so hard to pay all the loans. We took all kinds of vitamibs to pay the loans. We took expendive holidays abroad but guess who waited for us at the aiport once we landed malaysia? Yes..you are correct. One day, you will got killed by all kinds of self infkicting pressures. conclusion. if one wants happiness, read my first 2 paragraphs. Very cheap meyhod but vrry rffective ad far as happiness is concerned. aplogies.. if i wrote badly just now. If we are happy, we got quality time. period! no need mountain climbing. Rock high gliding..because one day all parts of your body got destroyed. Your body knocks the high stone ..and you fall with the broken wings. See? wallahu aklam.


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