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Just because the west introduced the term quality time in their lifes, we as well wanted to talk the same thing..  STRANGE,

Actually  all of us have 24 hours . The Mongolian has 24 hours , the Gaal Pasir Puteh people too have 24 hours a day.  The president of America has 24 hours, so does Tok Muden Jali in Pasir Puteh Kelantan. So what is the fuss quality time.

if you sleeep 18 hours before the exam, then the remaining 6 hours is just what you have. If you went out to get food for dinner within 2 hours ..then you are left with 4 more hours. As a result, you must be careful with that remaining 4 hours prior to the exam.

Time is time. Nothing more than that. Dont worry if you have 30 minutes left in the exam hall..as long as you answer the questions well..i am sure you will pass the paper.  So what?

2)  actually there is no such thing as quality time.  It all depends on you. If you think you can spend 22 hours a day washing the clothes for your family daily and as a result all the members are happy..then you are said to have contributed to quality life and quality time.

if you spend 30 minutes before Eid Mubarak with your old mum ..after missing from her eyes 30 years or sooo  then that 30 minutes is all that she cared for. After talking to her and then she suddenly went quiet.never mind ..that time spent b4 she pass away is called quality time.  It is all depending on you.

3)  in the Holy Quran, Allah swore that all men is at loss ( no quality time) unless you are busy doing 4 things. They are

do good amal sincerely,
do behave well with your family, relatives, neighbours, friends, office mates and many more. How you lead your lives among the rest of the people (muamalat)
Forbid people from forbidden things like cheating in the General Election, Bribery, robbery, prostitutions, interest  takings, accusing good ladies doing fornications, bad lies, back bitings, and invented stories like Dsai in Tivoli Villa

enjoin people to do good things,
be patient doing these dakwah
and ..


rest assured you already attained good life from quality time.


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